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KdenliveDoc Class Reference

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Public Slots

void checkProjectClips (bool displayRatioChanged=false, bool fpsChanged=false)
void setModified (bool mod=true)
 Sets the document as modified or up to date.
void slotCreateColorClip (const QString &name, const QString &color, const QString &duration, QString group, const QString &groupId)
void slotCreateSlideshowClipFile (const QString &name, const QString &path, int count, const QString &duration, const bool loop, const bool crop, const bool fade, const QString &luma_duration, const QString &luma_file, const int softness, const QString &animation, QString group, const QString &groupId)
void slotCreateTextClip (QString group, const QString &groupId, const QString &templatePath=QString())
void slotCreateTextTemplateClip (QString group, const QString &groupId, KUrl path)
void slotCreateXmlClip (const QString &name, const QDomElement xml, QString group, const QString &groupId)


void addProjectClip (DocClipBase *, bool getInfo=true)
void docModified (bool)
 Informs that the document status has been changed.
void guidesUpdated ()
void progressInfo (const QString &, int)
void resetProjectList ()
void saveTimelinePreview (const QString &path)
 When creating a backup file, also save a thumbnail of current timeline.
void selectLastAddedClip (const QString &)
void signalDeleteProjectClip (const QString &)
void updateClipDisplay (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

bool addClip (QDomElement elem, QString clipId, bool createClipItem=true)
 Adds a clip to the project tree.
bool addClipInfo (QDomElement elem, QDomElement orig, QString clipId)
 Updates information about a clip.
void addTrackEffect (int ix, QDomElement effect)
void backupLastSavedVersion (const QString &path)
 Backup the project file.
void cachePixmap (const QString &fileId, const QPixmap &pix) const
ClipManagerclipManager ()
QUndoStack * commandStack ()
double dar () const
void deleteClip (const QString &clipId)
void deleteTrack (int ix)
const QString description () const
double fps () const
DocClipBasegetBaseClip (const QString &clipId)
const QString getDocumentProperty (const QString &name) const
QStringList getExpandedFolders ()
 Get a list of folder id's that were opened on last save.
int getFramePos (QString duration)
const QString getFreeClipId ()
QMap< QString, QString > getRenderProperties () const
 Gets the list of renderer properties saved into the document.
QDomElement getTrackEffect (int trackIndex, int effectIndex) const
const EffectsList getTrackEffects (int ix)
QPoint getTracksCount () const
 Gets the number of audio and video tracks and returns them as a QPoint with x = video, y = audio.
QDomElement guidesXml () const
int height () const
void insertTrack (int ix, TrackInfo type)
bool isModified () const
 Defines whether the document needs to be saved.
bool isTrackLocked (int ix) const
 KdenliveDoc (const KUrl &url, const KUrl &projectFolder, QUndoGroup *undoGroup, QString profileName, QMap< QString, QString > properties, const QPoint &tracks, Render *render, KTextEdit *notes, bool *openBackup, MainWindow *parent=0, KProgressDialog *progressDialog=0)
MltVideoProfile mltProfile () const
QString producerName (const QString &id)
QDomNodeList producersList ()
const QString & profilePath () const
double projectDuration () const
KUrl projectFolder () const
 Returns the project folder, used to store project files.
void removeTrackEffect (int ix, QDomElement effect)
Renderrenderer ()
bool saveSceneList (const QString &path, const QString &scene, const QStringList &expandedFolders, bool autosave=false)
 Saves the project file xml to a file.
void setDocumentProperty (const QString &name, const QString &value)
bool setProfilePath (QString path)
 Updates the project profile.
void setProjectFolder (KUrl url)
int setSceneList ()
void setThumbsProgress (const QString &message, int progress)
 Informs Kdenlive of the audio thumbnails generation progress.
void setTrackDuration (int ix, int duration)
 Sets the duration of track.
void setTrackEffect (int trackIndex, int effectIndex, QDomElement effect)
void setTrackType (int ix, TrackInfo type)
void setUrl (KUrl url)
void setZone (int start, int end)
void setZoom (int horizontal, int vertical)
void slotAddClipFile (const KUrl &url, const QString &group, const QString &groupId=QString())
void slotAddClipList (const KUrl::List urls, const QString &group, const QString &groupId=QString())
void switchTrackAudio (int ix, bool hide)
void switchTrackLock (int ix, bool lock)
void switchTrackVideo (int ix, bool hide)
void syncGuides (QList< Guide * > guides)
Timecode timecode () const
QDomDocument toXml ()
int trackDuration (int ix)
 Returns the duration of track.
TrackInfo trackInfoAt (int ix) const
int tracksCount () const
const QList< TrackInfotracksList () const
void updateClip (const QString &id)
KUrl url () const
int width () const
QDomDocument xmlSceneList (const QString &scene, const QStringList &expandedFolders)
 Returns the project file xml.
QPoint zone () const
QPoint zoom () const

Static Public Member Functions

static double getDisplayRatio (const QString &path)
 Read the display ratio from an xml project file.

Public Attributes

KAutoSaveFile * m_autosave
QDomDocument m_guidesXml

Private Slots

void slotAutoSave ()

Private Member Functions

bool checkDocumentClips (QDomNodeList infoproducers)
void cleanupBackupFiles ()
 Only keep some backup files, delete some.
QDomDocument createEmptyDocument (int videotracks, int audiotracks)
 Creates a new project.
QDomDocument createEmptyDocument (QList< TrackInfo > tracks)
void moveProjectData (KUrl url)
bool saveCustomEffects (QDomNodeList customeffects)
 Saves effects embedded in project file.
QString searchFileRecursively (const QDir &dir, const QString &matchSize, const QString &matchHash) const
void setNewClipResource (const QString &id, const QString &path)
void updateProjectFolderPlacesEntry ()
 Updates the project folder location entry in the kdenlive file dialogs to point to the current project folder.

Private Attributes

QTimer * m_autoSaveTimer
QUndoStack * m_commandStack
QDomDocument m_document
QMap< QString, QString > m_documentProperties
double m_fps
int m_height
bool m_modified
 Tells whether the current document has been changed after being saved.
KTextEdit * m_notesWidget
MltVideoProfile m_profile
KUrl m_projectFolder
 The project folder, used to store project files (titles, effects...).
QString m_searchFolder
Timecode m_timecode
QList< TrackInfom_tracksList
KUrl m_url
int m_width

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file kdenlivedoc.h.

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