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KThumb Class Reference

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Public Slots

void getAudioThumbs (int channel, double frame, double frameLength, int arrayWidth)
static QImage getFrame (Mlt::Frame *frame, int frameWidth, int displayWidth, int height)
static QImage getFrame (Mlt::Producer *producer, int framepos, int frameWidth, int displayWidth, int height)
static QPixmap getImage (KUrl url, int width, int height)
static QPixmap getImage (KUrl url, int frame, int width, int height)
static uint imageVariance (QImage image)
 Calculates image variance, useful to know if a thumbnail is interesting.
void removeAudioThumb ()
void stopAudioThumbs ()
void updateClipUrl (KUrl url, const QString &hash)


void audioThumbReady (QMap< int, QMap< int, QByteArray > >)
void mainThumbReady (const QString &, QPixmap)
void thumbReady (int, QImage)
void thumbsCached ()
 We have finished caching all requested thumbs.

Public Member Functions

void askForAudioThumbs (const QString &id)
void clearProducer ()
void extractImage (int frame, int frame2)
QPixmap extractImage (int frame, int width, int height)
bool hasProducer () const
 KThumb (ClipManager *clipManager, KUrl url, const QString &id, const QString &hash, QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void setProducer (Mlt::Producer *producer)
void updateThumbUrl (const QString &hash)

Private Slots

void slotAudioThumbOver ()
void slotCreateAudioThumbs ()

Private Member Functions

void doGetThumbs ()

Private Attributes

int m_arrayWidth
QFile m_audioThumbFile
QFuture< void > m_audioThumbProducer
int m_channels
double m_dar
double m_frame
double m_frameLength
int m_frequency
QFuture< void > m_future
 Controls the thumbnails process.
QString m_id
QFuture< void > m_intra
 Controls the intra frames thumbnails process (cached thumbnails).
QList< int > m_intraFramesQueue
 List of frame numbers from which we want to extract thumbnails.
Mlt::Producer * m_producer
double m_ratio
QList< int > m_requestedThumbs
bool m_stopAudioThumbs
QString m_thumbFile
KUrl m_url

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file kthumb.h.

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