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ClipItem Class Reference

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Public Slots

void slotFetchThumbs ()
void slotSetEndThumb (const QPixmap pix)
void slotSetStartThumb (const QPixmap pix)


void getThumb (int, int)
void prepareAudioThumb (double, int, int, int)

Public Member Functions

EffectsParameterList addEffect (const QDomElement effect, bool animate=true)
 Adds an effect to the clip.
int addKeyFrame (const GenTime &pos, const double value)
void addTransition (Transition *)
QMap< int, QDomElement > adjustEffectsToDuration (int width, int height, ItemInfo oldInfo)
 Adjusts effects after a clip duration change.
DocClipBasebaseClip () const
bool checkKeyFrames ()
 Makes sure all keyframes are in the clip's cropped duration.
 ClipItem (DocClipBase *clip, ItemInfo info, double fps, double speed, int strobe, int frame_width, bool generateThumbs=true)
QString clipName () const
const QString clipProducer () const
int clipType () const
ClipItemclone (ItemInfo info) const
void closeAnimation ()
QList< CommentedTimecommentedSnapMarkers () const
virtual GenTime cropDuration () const
virtual GenTime cropStart () const
virtual int defaultZValue () const
void deleteEffect (QString index)
 Deletes the effect with id.
int editedKeyFramePos () const
double editedKeyFrameValue () const
QDomElement effectAt (int ix) const
 Gets a copy of the xml of an effect.
const EffectsList effectList () const
QStringList effectNames ()
 Gets the clip's effect names.
int effectsCount ()
 Gets the number of effects in this clip.
int effectsCounter ()
 Gets a unique (?) effect id.
virtual GenTime endPos () const
QPixmap endThumb () const
int fadeIn () const
 Gets the position of the fade in effect.
int fadeOut () const
 Gets the position of the fade out effect.
void flashClip ()
virtual double fps () const
QDomElement getEffectAt (int ix) const
 Gets the xml of an effect.
Mlt::Producer * getProducer (int track, bool trackSpecific=true)
int hasEffect (const QString &tag, const QString &id) const
bool hasKeyFrames () const
ItemInfo info () const
void initEffect (QDomElement effect, int diff=0)
void insertKeyframe (QDomElement effect, int pos, int val)
bool isAudioOnly () const
bool isItemLocked () const
bool isVideoOnly () const
QDomElement itemXml () const
double keyFrameFactor () const
int keyFrameNumber () const
 Returns the number of keyframes the selected effect has.
QStringList keyframes (const int index)
 Gets all keyframes.
GenTime maxDuration () const
void movedKeyframe (QDomElement effect, int oldpos, int newpos, double value)
OPERATIONTYPE operationMode (QPointF pos)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *)
CustomTrackSceneprojectScene ()
void refreshClip (bool checkDuration, bool resetThumbs)
 Updates clip properties from base clip.
void resetFrameWidth (int width)
void resetThumbs (bool clearExistingThumbs)
 Regenerates audio and video thumbnails.
void resizeEnd (int posx)
 Resizes the clip from the end.
void resizeStart (int posx, bool size=true)
 Resizes the clip from the start.
QDomElement selectedEffect ()
int selectedEffectIndex () const
int selectedKeyFramePos () const
double selectedKeyFrameValue () const
void setAudioOnly (bool force)
void setClipName (const QString &name)
virtual void setCropStart (GenTime pos)
void setEffectAt (int ix, QDomElement effect)
 Replaces an effect.
void setEffectList (const EffectsList effectList)
void setFadeIn (int pos)
void setFadeOut (int pos)
void setFades (int in, int out)
void setItemLocked (bool locked)
void setKeyframes (const int ix, const QStringList keyframes)
 Sets params with keyframes and updates the visible keyframes.
void setSelectedEffect (const int ix)
void setSpeed (const double speed, int strobe)
virtual void setTrack (int track)
void setVideoOnly (bool force)
QList< GenTimesnapMarkers () const
 Gets clip's marker times.
double speed () const
GenTime speedIndependantCropDuration () const
GenTime speedIndependantCropStart () const
const ItemInfo speedIndependantInfo () const
virtual GenTime startPos () const
QPixmap startThumb () const
int strobe () const
virtual int track () const
virtual int type () const
virtual void updateFps (double fps)
void updateGeometryKeyframes (QDomElement effect, int paramIndex, int width, int height, ItemInfo oldInfo)
void updateItem ()
void updateKeyframeEffect ()
void updateKeyFramePos (const GenTime &pos, const double value)
 Move the selected keyframe (does not influence the effect, only the display in timeline).
void updateKeyframes (QDomElement effect)
bool updateNormalKeyframes (QDomElement parameter)
void updateRectGeometry ()
void updateSelectedKeyFrame ()
QDomElement xml () const

Static Public Member Functions

static int itemHeight ()
 Return the current item's height.
static int itemOffset ()
 Return the current item's vertical offset For example transitions are drawn at 1/3 of track height.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void dragEnterEvent (QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent *event)
virtual void dragLeaveEvent (QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent *event)
void drawKeyFrames (QPainter *painter, bool limitedKeyFrames)
 Draw the keyframes of a clip.
virtual void dropEvent (QGraphicsSceneDragDropEvent *event)
virtual QVariant itemChange (GraphicsItemChange change, const QVariant &value)
int mouseOverKeyFrames (QPointF pos, double maxOffset)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

int m_editedKeyframe
double m_fps
ItemInfo m_info
double m_keyframeDefault
 Default reset value for keyframe.
double m_keyframeFactor
 Strech factor so that keyframes display on the full clip height.
double m_keyframeOffset
 Offset factor so that keyframes minimum value are displaed at the bottom of the clip.
QMap< int, int > m_keyframes
GenTime m_maxDuration
int m_selectedKeyframe
int m_visibleParam

Private Slots

void animate (qreal value)
void slotGetEndThumb ()
void slotGetStartThumb ()
void slotGotAudioData ()
void slotGotThumbsCache ()
 The thumbnailer has finished to cache all required thumbs.
void slotPrepareAudioThumb (double pixelForOneFrame, int startpixel, int endpixel, int channels)
void slotSetEndThumb (QImage img)
void slotSetStartThumb (QImage img)
void slotThumbReady (int frame, QImage img)

Private Attributes

bool m_audioOnly
QPixmap m_audioPix
QMap< int, QPixmap > m_audioThumbCachePic
bool m_audioThumbReady
QColor m_baseColor
QString m_clipName
CLIPTYPE m_clipType
EffectsList m_effectList
QString m_effectNames
int m_endFade
QPixmap m_endPix
bool m_endThumbRequested
QTimer m_endThumbTimer
double m_framePixelWidth
bool m_hasThumbs
bool m_limitedKeyFrames
 Keyframes type can be "keyframe" or "simplekeyframe" which have to be painted differently. True if keyframe type is "keyframe".
QString m_producer
int m_selectedEffect
double m_speed
ItemInfo m_speedIndependantInfo
int m_startFade
QPixmap m_startPix
bool m_startThumbRequested
QTimer m_startThumbTimer
int m_strobe
QTimeLine * m_timeLine
QList< Transition * > m_transitionsList
bool m_videoOnly
QPixmap m_videoPix

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file clipitem.h.

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