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void BezierSplineWidget::slotUpdatePointH1 ( double  value = 1,
bool  final = true 
) [private, slot]

Updates the spline if the current point's h1 was modified using the spinboxes.

value(optional) not used, neccessary to be able to connect to DragValue's valueChanged.
final(default = true) emit signal modified?

Definition at line 173 of file beziersplinewidget.cpp.

References BezierSplineEditor::getCurrentPoint(), BPoint::setH1(), BezierSplineEditor::updateCurrentPoint(), and DragValue::value().

Referenced by BezierSplineWidget().


    BPoint p = m_edit.getCurrentPoint();

    p.setH1(QPointF(m_h1X->value(), m_h1Y->value()));

    m_edit.updateCurrentPoint(p, final);

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