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Geometryval Class Reference
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List of all members.

Public Slots

void setupParam (const QDomElement, int minframe, int maxframe)
void slotSyncPosition (int relTimelinePos)
 Updates position of the local timeline to.


void parameterChanged ()
void seekToPos (int)

Public Member Functions

 Geometryval (const MltVideoProfile &profile, Timecode t, QPoint frame_size, int startPoint=0, QWidget *parent=0)
QDomElement getParamDesc ()
QString getValue () const
void setFrameSize (QPoint p)
void updateTimecodeFormat ()
 Updates the timecode display according to settings (frame number or hh:mm:ss:ff)

Private Slots

void slotAddFrame (int pos=-1)
void slotAlignBottom ()
void slotAlignHCenter ()
void slotAlignLeft ()
void slotAlignRight ()
void slotAlignTop ()
void slotAlignVCenter ()
void slotDeleteFrame (int pos=-1)
void slotGeometryHeight (int value)
void slotGeometryWidth (int value)
void slotGeometryX (int value)
void slotGeometryY (int value)
void slotKeyframeMoved (int)
void slotNextFrame ()
void slotPositionChanged (int pos=-1, bool seek=true)
void slotPreviousFrame ()
void slotResetPosition ()
void slotResizeCustom ()
void slotResizeOriginal ()
void slotSwitchOptions ()
void slotSyncCursor ()
void slotTransparencyChanged (int transp)
void slotUpdateGeometry ()
void slotUpdateTransitionProperties ()

Private Member Functions

bool keyframeSelected ()
void updateTransitionPath ()

Private Attributes

QMenu * m_configMenu
double m_dar
QAction * m_editOptions
bool m_fixedMode
QPoint m_frameSize
Mlt::Geometry * m_geom
QGraphicsRectItem * m_paramRect
QGraphicsPathItem * m_path
MltVideoProfile m_profile
int m_realWidth
QAction * m_reset
QGraphicsView * m_sceneview
int m_startPoint
QAction * m_syncAction
TimecodeDisplay m_timePos

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file geometryval.h.

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