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DocClipBase Class Reference
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Public Slots

void addSnapMarker (const GenTime &time, QString comment)
QList< CommentedTimecommentedSnapMarkers () const
QMap< QString, QString > currentProperties (QMap< QString, QString > props)
QString deleteSnapMarker (const GenTime &time)
void editSnapMarker (const GenTime &time, QString comment)
GenTime findNextSnapMarker (const GenTime &currTime)
GenTime findPreviousSnapMarker (const GenTime &currTime)
uint getClipThumbFrame () const
GenTime hasSnapMarkers (const GenTime &time)
QString markerComment (GenTime t)
QMap< QString, QString > metadata () const
QMap< QString, QString > properties () const
void setClipThumbFrame (const uint &ix)
void setMetadata (QMap< QString, QString > properties)
void setProperties (QMap< QString, QString > properties)
void slotExtractImage (QList< int > frames)
QList< GenTimesnapMarkers () const
void updateAudioThumbnail (const audioByteArray &data)


void abortProxy (const QString &id, const QString &proxyPath)
 Abort creation of the proxy clip (lower resolution copy).
void createProxy (const QString &id)
 Generate a proxy clip (lower resolution copy) named like the clip's hash.
void gotAudioData ()

Public Member Functions

void addCutZone (int in, int out, QString desc=QString())
void addReference ()
Mlt::Producer * audioProducer (int track)
bool audioThumbCreated () const
bool checkHash () const
void cleanupProducers ()
void clearProperty (const QString &key)
void clearThumbProducer ()
const CLIPTYPE & clipType () const
QList< CutZoneInfocutZones () const
void deleteProducers ()
const QString description () const
 DocClipBase (ClipManager *clipManager, QDomElement xml, const QString &id)
const GenTimeduration () const
bool durationKnown () const
QImage extractImage (int frame, int width, int height)
qulonglong fileSize () const
KUrl fileURL () const
double framesPerSecond () const
bool getAudioThumbs ()
QString getClipHash () const
Mlt::Producer * getCloneProducer ()
const QString & getId () const
Mlt::Producer * getProducer (int track=-1)
const QString getProperty (const QString &prop) const
bool hasAudioCodec (const QString &codec) const
bool hasAudioThumb () const
bool hasCutZone (QPoint p) const
bool hasFileSize () const
bool hasVideoCodec (const QString &codec) const
bool isClean () const
bool isDocClipAVFile () const
bool isPlaceHolder () const
bool isProjectClip () const
bool isTransparent () const
bool matchesXML (const QDomElement &element) const
const GenTime maxDuration () const
const QString name () const
uint numReferences () const
const char * producerProperty (const char *name) const
bool referencesClip (DocClipBase *clip) const
void refreshThumbUrl ()
void reloadThumbProducer ()
void removeCutZone (int in, int out)
void removeReference ()
void removeTmpFile () const
void resetProducerProperty (const char *name)
QDomDocument sceneToXML (const GenTime &startTime, const GenTime &endTime) const
void setClipType (CLIPTYPE type)
void setDuration (GenTime dur)
void setPlaceHolder (bool place)
void setProducer (Mlt::Producer *producer, bool reset=false, bool readPropertiesFromProducer=false)
void setProducerProperty (const char *name, const char *data)
void setProperty (const QString &key, const QString &value)
void setValid ()
void setZone (QPoint zone)
void slotClearAudioCache ()
KThumbthumbProducer ()
QDomElement toXML () const
void updateCutZone (int oldin, int oldout, int in, int out, QString desc=QString())
Mlt::Producer * videoProducer ()
QPoint zone () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString getHash (const QString &path)

Public Attributes

QMap< int, QMap< int,
QByteArray > > 

Private Member Functions

void adjustProducerProperties (Mlt::Producer *prod, const QString &id, bool mute, bool blind)
 When duplicating a producer, make sure all manually set properties are passed to it.
Mlt::Producer * cloneProducer (Mlt::Producer *source)
 Create another instance of a producer.
void getFileHash (const QString &url)
void setAudioThumbCreated (bool isDone)
void setProducerProperty (const char *name, int data)
void setProducerProperty (const char *name, double data)
void slotRefreshProducer ()

Private Attributes

bool m_audioThumbCreated
QTimer m_audioTimer
 This timer will trigger creation of audio thumbnails.
QList< Mlt::Producer * > m_audioTrackProducers
QList< Mlt::Producer * > m_baseTrackProducers
CLIPTYPE m_clipType
QList< CutZoneInfom_cutZones
GenTime m_duration
QString m_id
QMap< QString, QString > m_metadata
bool m_placeHolder
QMutex m_producerMutex
QMap< QString, QString > m_properties
uint m_refcount
QMutex m_replaceMutex
QList< CommentedTimem_snapMarkers
QList< Mlt::Producer * > m_toDeleteProducers
Mlt::Producer * m_videoOnlyProducer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file docclipbase.h.

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