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CubicBezierSpline Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

int addPoint (const BPoint &point)
 CubicBezierSpline (QObject *parent=0)
 CubicBezierSpline (const CubicBezierSpline &spline, QObject *parent=0)
void fromString (const QString &spline)
 Loads the points from the string.
BPoint getPoint (int ix, int normalisedWidth=1, int normalisedHeight=1, bool invertHeight=false)
 Returns the point at.
CubicBezierSplineoperator= (const CubicBezierSpline &spline)
QList< BPointpoints ()
 Returns a list of the points defining the spline.
void removePoint (int ix)
 Removes the point at.
int setPoint (int ix, const BPoint &point)
 Sets the point at index.
QString toString () const
 Returns the points stoed in a string.

Private Member Functions

int indexOf (const BPoint &p)
void keepSorted ()
void validatePoints ()

Private Attributes

QList< BPointm_points

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file cubicbezierspline.h.

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