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ClipManager Class Reference

Manages the list of clips in a document. More...

#include <clipmanager.h>

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void availableClip (const QString &)
void checkAllClips (bool displayRatioChanged, bool fpsChanged, QStringList brokenClips)
void displayMessage (const QString &, int)
void missingClip (const QString &)
void modifiedClip (const QString &)
void reloadClip (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

void addClip (DocClipBase *clip)
void addFolder (const QString &, const QString &)
void askForAudioThumb (const QString &id)
void checkAudioThumbs ()
void clear ()
void clearCache ()
void clearUnusedProducers ()
 ClipManager (KdenliveDoc *doc)
int clipsCount () const
AbstractGroupItemcreateGroup ()
void deleteClip (const QString &clipId)
void deleteFolder (const QString &)
QList< DocClipBase * > documentClipList () const
QMap< QString, QString > documentFolderList () const
DocClipBasegetClipAt (int pos)
DocClipBasegetClipById (QString clipId)
const QList< DocClipBase * > getClipByResource (QString resource)
int getFreeClipId ()
int getFreeFolderId ()
QDomElement groupsXml () const
int lastClipId () const
QString projectFolder () const
void removeGroup (AbstractGroupItem *group)
void requestThumbs (const QString id, QList< int > frames)
 Request creation of a clip thumbnail for specified frames.
void resetProducersList (const QList< Mlt::Producer * > prods, bool displayRatioChanged, bool fpsChanged)
void setThumbsProgress (const QString &message, int progress)
void slotAddClipFile (const KUrl &url, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
 Add a file to the project. slotAddClipList.
void slotAddClipList (const KUrl::List urls, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
 Adds a list of files to the project.
void slotAddColorClipFile (const QString &name, const QString &color, QString duration, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
void slotAddSlideshowClipFile (const QString &name, const QString &path, int count, const QString &duration, const bool loop, const bool crop, const bool fade, const QString &luma_duration, const QString &luma_file, const int softness, const QString &animation, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
void slotAddTextClipFile (const QString &titleName, int out, const QString &xml, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
void slotAddTextTemplateClip (QString titleName, const KUrl &path, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
void slotAddXmlClipFile (const QString &name, const QDomElement &xml, const QString &group, const QString &groupId)
void slotDeleteClips (QStringList ids)
void stopThumbs (const QString &id)
 remove a clip id from the queue list.

Private Slots

void slotClipAvailable (const QString &path)
void slotClipMissing (const QString &path)
void slotClipModified (const QString &path)
void slotGetAudioThumbs ()
void slotGetThumbs ()
void slotProcessModifiedClips ()

Private Attributes

bool m_abortAudioThumb
 If true, abort processing of audio thumbs.
bool m_abortThumb
 If true, abort processing of clip thumbs before removing a clip.
QList< QString > m_audioThumbsQueue
QFuture< void > m_audioThumbsThread
int m_clipIdCounter
QList< DocClipBase * > m_clipList
bool m_closing
 We are about to delete the clip producer, stop processing thumbs.
KDirWatch m_fileWatcher
int m_folderIdCounter
QMap< QString, QString > m_folderList
QList< AbstractGroupItem * > m_groupsList
QMap< QString, QTime > m_modifiedClips
QTimer m_modifiedTimer
QString m_processingAudioThumbId
 The id of currently processed clip for audio thumbs creation.
QString m_processingThumbId
 The id of currently processed clip for thumbs creation.
QMap< QString, int > m_requestedThumbs
QMutex m_thumbsMutex
QFuture< void > m_thumbsThread

Detailed Description

Manages the list of clips in a document.

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

Definition at line 60 of file clipmanager.h.

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