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                          titlewidget.h  -  description
    begin                : Feb 28 2008
    copyright            : (C) 2008 by Marco Gittler
    email                : g.marco@freenet.de

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *


#include "ui_stopmotion_ui.h"
#include "../blackmagic/capture.h"

#include <KUrl>
#include <QLabel>
#include <QFuture>
#include <QVBoxLayout>
#include <QTimer>

00030 class MyLabel : public QLabel
    MyLabel(QWidget* parent = 0);
    void setImage(QImage img);

    virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent* event);
    virtual void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent* event);
    virtual void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent*);

    QImage m_img;

    /** @brief Seek to next or previous frame.
     *  @param forward set to true to go to next frame, fals to go to previous frame */
    void seek(bool forward);

    /** @brief Switch to live view. */
    void switchToLive();

00054 class StopmotionWidget : public QDialog , public Ui::Stopmotion_UI


    /** @brief Build the stopmotion dialog.
     * @param projectFolder The current project folder, where captured files will be stored.
     * @param actions The actions for this widget that can have a keyboard shortcut.
     * @param parent (optional) parent widget */
    StopmotionWidget(KUrl projectFolder, QList< QAction* > actions, QWidget* parent = 0);
    virtual ~StopmotionWidget();

    virtual void closeEvent(QCloseEvent* e);

    /** @brief Widget layout holding video and frame preview. */
00072     QVBoxLayout* m_layout;

    /** @brief Current project folder (where the captured frames will be saved). */
00075     KUrl m_projectFolder;

    /** @brief Capture holder that will handle all video operation. */
00078     CaptureHandler* m_bmCapture;

    /** @brief Holds the name of the current sequence.
     * Files will be saved in project folder with name: sequence001.png */
00082     QString m_sequenceName;

    /** @brief Holds the frame number of the current sequence. */
00085     int m_sequenceFrame;

    QAction* m_captureAction;

    /** @brief Holds the index of the frame to be displayed in the frame preview mode. */
00090     int m_animatedIndex;

    /** @brief Find all stopmotion sequences in current project folder. */
    void parseExistingSequences();

    /** @brief Select a frame in the list. */
    void selectFrame(int ix);

    /** @brief This widget will hold the frame preview. */
00099     MyLabel* m_frame_preview;

    /** @brief The list of files in the sequence to create thumbnails. */
00102     QStringList m_filesList;

    /** @brief Holds the state of the threaded thumbnail generation. */
00105     QFuture<void> m_future;

    /** @brief Get the frame number ix. */
    QListWidgetItem* getFrameFromIndex(int ix);

    /** @brief The action triggering display of last frame over current live video feed. */
00111     QAction* m_showOverlay;

    /** @brief The list of all frames path. */
00114     QStringList m_animationList;
    /** @brief Tells if we are in animation (playback) mode. */
00117     bool m_animate;
    /** @brief Timer for interval capture. */
00120     QTimer m_intervalTimer;

    int m_effectIndex;

public slots:
    /** @brief Display the live feed from capture device.
     @param isOn enable or disable the feature */
    void slotLive(bool isOn = true);

private slots:

    /** @brief Display the last captured frame over current live feed.
     @param isOn enable or disable the feature */
    void slotShowOverlay(bool isOn);

    /** @brief Display the last captured frame over current live feed. */
    void slotUpdateOverlay();

    /** @brief User changed the capture name. */
    void sequenceNameChanged(const QString& name);

    /** @brief Grab a frame from current capture feed. */
    void slotCaptureFrame();

    /** @brief Display a previous frame in monitor. */
    void slotShowFrame(const QString& path);

    /** @brief Get full path for a frame in the sequence.
     *  @param ix the frame number.
     *  @param seqName (optional) the name of the sequence. */
    QString getPathForFrame(int ix, QString seqName = QString());

    /** @brief Add sequence to current project. */
    void slotAddSequence();

    /** @brief Display selected fram in monitor. */
    void slotShowSelectedFrame();

    /** @brief Start animation preview mode. */
    void slotPlayPreview(bool animate);

    /** @brief Simulate animation. */
    void slotAnimate();

    /** @brief Seek to previous or next captured frame.
     *  @param forward set to true for next frame, false for previous one. */
    void slotSeekFrame(bool forward);

    /** @brief Display warning / error message from capture backend. */
    void slotGotHDMIMessage(const QString& message);

    /** @brief Create thumbnails for existing sequence frames. */
    void slotCreateThumbs(QImage img, int ix);

    /** @brief Prepare thumbnails creation. */
    void slotPrepareThumbs();

    /** @brief Called when user switches the video capture backend. */
    void slotUpdateHandler();

    /** @brief Show / hide sequence thumbnails. */
    void slotShowThumbs(bool show);

    /** @brief Show the config dialog */
    void slotConfigure();

    /** @brief Prepare to crete thumb for newly captured frame. */
    void slotNewThumb(const QString path);

    /** @brief Set the effect to be applied to overlay frame. */
    void slotUpdateOverlayEffect(QAction* act);

    /** @brief Switch between live view / currently selected frame. */
    void slotSwitchLive();

    /** @brief Delete current frame from disk. */
    void slotRemoveFrame();
    /** @brief Enable / disable frame analysis (in color scopes). */
    void slotSwitchAnalyse(bool isOn);
    /** @brief Send a notification a few seconds before capturing. */
    void slotPreNotify();

    /** @brief Ask to add sequence to current project. */
    void addOrUpdateSequence(const QString);

    void doCreateThumbs(QImage, int);
    void gotFrame(QImage);


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