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Vectorscope Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  RescaleDirection { North, Northeast, East, Southeast }

Public Slots

void slotActiveMonitorChanged (bool isClipMonitor)
 Must be called when the active monitor has shown a new frame. This slot must be connected in the implementing class, it is *not* done in this abstract class.


void requestAutoRefresh (bool)
void signalBackgroundRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)
void signalHUDRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)
void signalMousePositionChanged ()
void signalScopeRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)

Public Member Functions

bool autoRefreshEnabled ()
virtual void init ()
 Vectorscope (Monitor *projMonitor, Monitor *clipMonitor, QWidget *parent=0)
QString widgetName () const

Public Attributes

QPalette m_scopePalette

Static Public Attributes

static const QColor colDarkWhite
static const QColor colHighlightDark
static const QColor colHighlightLight
static const QString directions [] = {"North", "Northeast", "East", "Southeast"}
static const QPen penBackground
static const QPen penDark
static const QPen penDarkDots
static const QPen penLight
static const QPen penLightDots
static const QPen penLighter
static const QPen penThick
static const QPen penThin

Protected Slots

void customContextMenuRequested (const QPoint &pos)
void forceUpdate (bool doUpdate=true)
void forceUpdateBackground ()
void forceUpdateHUD ()
void forceUpdateScope ()
virtual void slotAutoRefreshToggled (bool autoRefresh)
void slotBackgroundRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)
void slotHUDRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)
void slotRenderZoneUpdated ()
void slotResetRealtimeFactor (bool realtimeChecked)
void slotScopeRenderingFinished (uint mseconds, uint accelerationFactor)

Protected Member Functions

virtual uint calculateAccelFactorBackground (uint oldMseconds, uint oldFactor)
virtual uint calculateAccelFactorHUD (uint oldMseconds, uint oldFactor)
virtual uint calculateAccelFactorScope (uint oldMseconds, uint oldFactor)
QString configName ()
virtual void handleMouseDrag (const QPoint movement, const RescaleDirection rescaleDirection, const Qt::KeyboardModifiers rescaleModifiers)
bool isBackgroundDependingOnInput () const
bool isHUDDependingOnInput () const
bool isScopeDependingOnInput () const
void leaveEvent (QEvent *)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
virtual void readConfig ()
QImage renderBackground (uint accelerationFactor)
 Background renderer. Must emit signalBackgroundRenderingFinished().
QImage renderGfxScope (uint accelerationFactor, const QImage)
 Scope renderer. Must emit signalScopeRenderingFinished() when calculation has finished, to allow multi-threading. accelerationFactor hints how much faster than usual the calculation should be accomplished, if possible.
QImage renderHUD (uint accelerationFactor)
 HUD renderer. Must emit signalHUDRenderingFinished().
virtual QImage renderScope (uint accelerationFactor)
 Scope renderer. Must emit signalScopeRenderingFinished() when calculation has finished, to allow multi-threading. accelerationFactor hints how much faster than usual the calculation should be accomplished, if possible.
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
QRect scopeRect ()
void showEvent (QShowEvent *)
void writeConfig ()

Protected Attributes

QAction * m_aAutoRefresh
int m_accelFactorBackground
int m_accelFactorHUD
int m_accelFactorScope
QAction * m_aRealtime
QImage m_imgBackground
QImage m_imgHUD
QImage m_imgScope
QMenu * m_menu
QPoint m_mousePos
bool m_mouseWithinWidget
QRect m_scopeRect
const uchar offset

Private Slots

void slotBackgroundChanged ()
void slotColorSpaceChanged ()
void slotExportBackground ()
void slotGainChanged (int)

Private Member Functions

void updateDimensions ()

Private Attributes

int cw
int iPaintMode
QAction * m_a75PBox
QAction * m_aAxisEnabled
QAction * m_aColorSpace_YPbPr
QAction * m_aColorSpace_YUV
QAction * m_aExportBackground
QActionGroup * m_agColorSpace
QAction * m_aIQLines
QPoint m_centerPoint
float m_gain
QRect m_visibleRect
QPoint pB75
QPoint pCy75
QPoint pG75
QPoint pMg75
QPoint pR75
QPoint pYl75
QPoint qB75
QPoint qCy75
QPoint qG75
QPoint qMg75
QPoint qR75
QPoint qYl75
Ui::Vectorscope_UI * ui

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file vectorscope.h.

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