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Monitor Class Reference

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Public Slots

void activateMonitor ()
void adjustRulerSize (int length)
bool effectSceneDisplayed ()
QStringList getZoneInfo () const
void refreshMonitor (bool visible)
void refreshMonitor ()
void saveSceneList (QString path, QDomElement info=QDomElement())
void setTimePos (const QString &pos)
void slotEffectScene (bool show=true)
void slotEnd ()
void slotForward (double speed=0)
void slotForwardOneFrame (int diff=1)
void slotLoopClip ()
 Loops the selected item (clip or transition).
void slotLoopZone ()
void slotMouseSeek (int eventDelta, bool fast)
void slotOpenFile (const QString &)
void slotPlay ()
void slotPlayZone ()
void slotRewind (double speed=0)
void slotRewindOneFrame (int diff=1)
void slotSeek (int pos)
void slotSeekToNextSnap ()
void slotSeekToPreviousSnap ()
void slotSetSelectedClip (AbstractClipItem *item)
 Sets m_selectedClip to.
void slotSetSelectedClip (ClipItem *item)
void slotSetSelectedClip (Transition *item)
void slotSetXml (DocClipBase *clip, QPoint zone=QPoint(), const int position=-1)
void slotSetZoneEnd ()
void slotSetZoneStart ()
void slotStart ()
void slotSwitchFullScreen ()
void slotZoneEnd ()
void slotZoneMoved (int start, int end)
void slotZoneStart ()
void start ()
void stop ()


void adjustMonitorSize ()
void durationChanged (int)
void refreshClipThumbnail (const QString &, bool)
void renderPosition (int)
void requestFrameForAnalysis (bool)
 Editing transitions / effects over the monitor requires the renderer to send frames as QImage. This causes a major slowdown, so we only enable it if required.
void saveZone (Render *, QPoint)
void zoneUpdated (QPoint)

Public Member Functions

DocClipBaseactiveClip ()
void checkOverlay ()
QWidget * container ()
MonitorEditWidgetgetEffectEdit ()
bool isActive () const
 Monitor (QString name, MonitorManager *manager, QString profile=QString(), QWidget *parent=0)
QString name () const
void pause ()
GenTime position ()
void resetProfile (const QString profile)
void resetSize ()
const QString sceneList ()
void setupMenu (QMenu *goMenu, QAction *playZone, QAction *loopZone, QMenu *markerMenu=NULL, QAction *loopClip=NULL)
void updateMarkers (DocClipBase *source)
void updateTimecodeFormat ()

Public Attributes

QFrame * m_volumePopup

Protected Member Functions

virtual QStringList mimeTypes () const
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *event)
 Move to another position on mouse wheel event.

Private Slots

void rendererStopped (int pos)
void seekCursor (int pos)
void setClipZone (QPoint pos)
void slotEditMarker ()
void slotExtractCurrentFrame ()
void slotGoToMarker (QAction *action)
void slotSaveZone ()
void slotSeek ()
void slotSetSizeOneToOne ()
void slotSetSizeOneToTwo ()
void slotSetThumbFrame ()
void slotSetVolume (int volume)
void slotShowVolume ()
void slotSwitchDropFrames (bool show)
void slotSwitchMonitorInfo (bool show)

Private Member Functions

GenTime getSnapForPos (bool previous)

Private Attributes

QSlider * m_audioSlider
Qt::WindowFlags m_baseFlags
QMenu * m_configMenu
QMenu * m_contextMenu
bool m_dragStarted
QPoint m_DragStartPosition
QAction * m_editMarker
bool m_isActive
int m_length
QAction * m_loopClipAction
bool m_loopClipTransition
QMenu * m_markerMenu
QString m_name
KIcon m_pauseIcon
QAction * m_playAction
KIcon m_playIcon
QMenu * m_playMenu
double m_scale
QToolBar * m_toolbar
QWidget * m_volumeWidget

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file monitor.h.

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