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CustomTrackView Class Reference

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Public Slots

bool addGuide (const GenTime pos, const QString &comment)
void clipNameChanged (const QString id, const QString name)
void copyClip ()
void editGuide (const GenTime oldPos, const GenTime pos, const QString &comment)
void insertZoneOverwrite (QStringList data, int in)
void moveCursorPos (int delta)
void pasteClip ()
void pasteClipEffects ()
void rebuildGroup (int childTrack, GenTime childPos)
 Rebuilds a group to fit again after children changed.
void rebuildGroup (AbstractGroupItem *group)
 Rebuilds a group to fit again after children changed.
void setCursorPos (int pos, bool seek=true)
void setDuration (int duration)
void slotAddClipMarker (const QString &id, GenTime t, QString c)
void slotAddGuide ()
void slotAddTrackEffect (const QDomElement effect, int ix)
 Add en effect to a track.
void slotAddTransition (ClipItem *clip, ItemInfo transitionInfo, int endTrack, QDomElement transition=QDomElement())
void slotAddTransitionToSelectedClips (QDomElement transition)
void slotChangeEffectPosition (ClipItem *clip, int track, int currentPos, int newPos)
void slotChangeEffectState (ClipItem *clip, int track, int effectPos, bool disable)
void slotCheckPositionScrolling ()
void slotConfigTracks (int ix)
 Shows the configure tracks dialog.
void slotDeleteAllGuides ()
void slotDeleteEffect (ClipItem *clip, int track, QDomElement effect, bool affectGroup=true)
void slotDeleteGuide (int guidePos=-1)
void slotDeleteTrack (int ix)
 Shows a dialog for selecting a track to delete.
void slotEditGuide (int guidePos=-1)
void slotEditGuide (CommentedTime guide)
void slotInsertTrack (int ix)
void slotRazorGroup (QList< ItemInfo > clips1, QList< ItemInfo > transitions1, QList< ItemInfo > clipsCut, QList< ItemInfo > transitionsCut, QList< ItemInfo > clips2, QList< ItemInfo > transitions2, GenTime cutPos, bool cut)
 Cuts a group into two parts.
void slotRefreshEffects (ClipItem *clip)
void slotSelectTrack (int ix)
void slotSwitchTrackAudio (int ix)
void slotSwitchTrackLock (int ix)
void slotSwitchTrackVideo (int ix)
void slotTrackDown ()
void slotTrackUp ()
void slotTransitionUpdated (Transition *, QDomElement)
void slotUpdateAllThumbs ()
void slotUpdateClip (const QString &clipId, bool reload=true)
void slotUpdateClipEffect (ClipItem *clip, int track, QDomElement oldeffect, QDomElement effect, int ix)
void slotUpdateClipRegion (ClipItem *clip, int ix, QString region)
void updateCursorPos ()
void updateSnapPoints (AbstractClipItem *selected, QList< GenTime > offsetList=QList< GenTime >(), bool skipSelectedItems=false)
 Update the list of snap points (sticky timeline hotspots).


void activateDocumentMonitor ()
void clipItemSelected (ClipItem *, int ix=-1)
void cursorMoved (int, int)
void displayMessage (const QString, MessageType)
void documentModified ()
 Monitor document changes (for example the presence of audio data in timeline for export widget.
void doTrackLock (int, bool)
void forceClipProcessing (const QString &)
void mousePosition (int)
void playMonitor ()
void showClipFrame (DocClipBase *, QPoint, const int)
void showTrackEffects (int, TrackInfo)
void trackHeightChanged ()
void tracksChanged ()
void transitionItemSelected (Transition *, int track=0, QPoint p=QPoint(), bool update=false)
void updateClipMarkers (DocClipBase *)
void updateTrackEffectState (int)
 Update the track effect button that shows if a track has effects or not.
void updateTrackHeaders ()
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()

Public Member Functions

void activateMonitor ()
void addClip (QDomElement xml, const QString &clipId, ItemInfo info, EffectsList list=EffectsList(), bool overwrite=false, bool push=false, bool refresh=true)
void addEffect (int track, GenTime pos, QDomElement effect)
void addMarker (const QString &id, const GenTime &pos, const QString comment)
void addTrack (TrackInfo type, int ix=-1)
void addTransition (ItemInfo transitionInfo, int endTrack, QDomElement params, bool refresh)
void autoTransition ()
void buildGuidesMenu (QMenu *goMenu) const
void changeClipSpeed ()
void checkAutoScroll ()
void checkTrackHeight ()
void clearSearchStrings ()
void clearSelection ()
void clipEnd ()
void clipStart ()
void configTracks (QList< TrackInfo > trackInfos)
 Makes the document use new track infos (name, type, ...).
int cursorPos ()
 CustomTrackView (KdenliveDoc *doc, CustomTrackScene *projectscene, QWidget *parent=0)
ClipItemcutClip (ItemInfo info, GenTime cutTime, bool cut, bool execute=true)
void cutSelectedClips ()
 Cuts all clips that are selected at the timeline cursor position.
void deleteClip (ItemInfo info, bool refresh=true)
void deleteClip (const QString &clipId)
void deleteEffect (int track, GenTime pos, QDomElement effect)
void deleteSelectedClips ()
void deleteTimelineTrack (int ix, TrackInfo trackinfo)
void deleteTransition (ItemInfo transitionInfo, int endTrack, QDomElement params, bool refresh)
void doChangeClipSpeed (ItemInfo info, ItemInfo speedIndependantInfo, const double speed, const double oldspeed, int strobe, const QString &id)
void doChangeClipType (const GenTime &pos, int track, bool videoOnly, bool audioOnly)
void doGroupClips (QList< ItemInfo > clipInfos, QList< ItemInfo > transitionInfos, bool group)
void doSplitAudio (const GenTime &pos, int track, bool split)
 Seperates the audio of a clip to a audio track.
int duration () const
void editItemDuration ()
void editKeyFrame (const GenTime pos, const int track, const int index, const QString keyframes)
QStringList extractTransitionsLumas ()
QList< ItemInfofindId (const QString &clipId)
bool findNextString (const QString &text)
bool findString (const QString &text)
double fps () const
ClipItemgetActiveClipUnderCursor (bool allowOutsideCursor=false) const
QStringList getLadspaParams (QDomElement effect) const
double getSnapPointForPos (double pos)
void groupClips (bool group=true)
bool hasAudio (int track) const
 Returns true if a track has audio data on it.
int hasGuide (int pos, int offset)
void initCursorPos (int pos)
void initSearchStrings ()
void insertClipCut (DocClipBase *clip, int in, int out)
void insertSpace (QList< ItemInfo > clipsToMove, QList< ItemInfo > transToMove, int track, const GenTime duration, const GenTime offset)
void loadGroups (const QDomNodeList groups)
void lockTrack (int ix, bool lock, bool requestUpdate=true)
 Locks or unlocks a track.
virtual void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *event)
void moveClip (const ItemInfo start, const ItemInfo end, bool refresh)
void moveEffect (int track, GenTime pos, int oldPos, int newPos)
void moveGroup (QList< ItemInfo > startClip, QList< ItemInfo > startTransition, const GenTime offset, const int trackOffset, bool reverseMove=false)
void moveTransition (GenTime oldpos, GenTime newpos)
void moveTransition (const ItemInfo start, const ItemInfo end, bool m_refresh)
void reloadTransitionLumas ()
void removeTrack (int ix)
void resizeClip (const ItemInfo start, const ItemInfo end, bool dontWorry=false)
void saveThumbnails ()
void selectClip (bool add, bool group=false, int track=-1, int pos=-1)
 Selects a clip.
QList< ClipItem * > selectedClipItems () const
QStringList selectedClips () const
int selectedTrack () const
void selectFound (QString track, QString pos)
void selectTransition (bool add, bool group=false)
void setAudioAndVideo ()
void setAudioOnly ()
void setContextMenu (QMenu *timeline, QMenu *clip, QMenu *transition, QActionGroup *clipTypeGroup, QMenu *markermenu)
void setDocumentModified ()
 Sets the document as modified.
void setEditMode (EDITMODE mode)
void setInPoint ()
void setOutPoint ()
void setScale (double scaleFactor, double verticalScale)
void setTool (PROJECTTOOL tool)
void setVideoOnly ()
void slotAddEffect (QDomElement effect, GenTime pos, int track)
void slotAddGroupEffect (QDomElement effect, AbstractGroupItem *group)
void slotDeleteAllClipMarkers (const QString &id)
void slotDeleteClipMarker (const QString &comment, const QString &id, const GenTime &position)
void slotInsertSpace ()
 Prepares inserting space.
void slotRemoveSpace ()
 Prepares removing space.
void slotSeekToNextSnap ()
void slotSeekToPreviousSnap ()
void splitAudio ()
 Creates SplitAudioCommands for selected clips.
void updateEffect (int track, GenTime pos, QDomElement insertedEffect, int ix, bool triggeredByUser=true)
void updatePalette ()
void updateProjectFps ()
void updateTransition (int track, GenTime pos, QDomElement oldTransition, QDomElement transition, bool updateTransitionWidget)

Public Attributes

KPixmapCache * pixmapCache

Protected Member Functions

virtual void dragEnterEvent (QDragEnterEvent *event)
virtual void dragLeaveEvent (QDragLeaveEvent *event)
virtual void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *event)
virtual void drawBackground (QPainter *painter, const QRectF &rect)
virtual void dropEvent (QDropEvent *event)
 Something has been dropped onto the timeline.
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
virtual QStringList mimeTypes () const
virtual Qt::DropActions supportedDropActions () const
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *e)

Private Slots

void checkTrackSequence (int track)
void slotCheckMouseScrolling ()
void slotDeleteTimeLineGuide ()
void slotDoResetMenuPosition ()
void slotEditTimeLineGuide ()
void slotEnableRefresh ()
void slotFetchNextThumbs ()
void slotGoToMarker (QAction *action)
void slotRefreshGuides ()
void slotResetMenuPosition ()

Private Member Functions

void adjustKeyfames (GenTime oldstart, GenTime newstart, GenTime duration, QDomElement xml)
void adjustTimelineClips (EDITMODE mode, ClipItem *item, ItemInfo posinfo, QUndoCommand *command)
void adjustTimelineTransitions (EDITMODE mode, Transition *item, QUndoCommand *command)
bool canBeMoved (QList< AbstractClipItem * > items, GenTime offset, int trackOffset) const
bool canBePasted (QList< AbstractClipItem * > items, GenTime offset, int trackOffset) const
bool canBePastedTo (ItemInfo info, int type) const
bool canBePastedTo (QList< ItemInfo > infoList, int type) const
QList< QGraphicsItem * > checkForGroups (const QRectF &rect, bool *ok)
void checkScrolling ()
void displayContextMenu (QPoint pos, AbstractClipItem *clip, AbstractGroupItem *group)
void getClipAvailableSpace (AbstractClipItem *item, GenTime &minimum, GenTime &maximum)
ClipItemgetClipItemAt (GenTime pos, int track)
ClipItemgetClipItemAt (int pos, int track)
ClipItemgetClipItemAtEnd (GenTime pos, int track)
ClipItemgetClipItemAtStart (GenTime pos, int track)
ClipItemgetClipUnderCursor () const
EffectsParameterList getEffectArgs (const QDomElement effect)
 Gets the effect parameters that will be passed to Mlt.
AbstractClipItemgetMainActiveClip () const
int getPreviousVideoTrack (int track)
void getTransitionAvailableSpace (AbstractClipItem *item, GenTime &minimum, GenTime &maximum)
TransitiongetTransitionItemAt (int pos, int track)
TransitiongetTransitionItemAt (GenTime pos, int track)
TransitiongetTransitionItemAtEnd (GenTime pos, int track)
TransitiongetTransitionItemAtStart (GenTime pos, int track)
void groupSelectedItems (bool force=false, bool createNewGroup=false)
bool insertDropClips (const QMimeData *data, const QPoint pos)
bool itemCollision (AbstractClipItem *item, ItemInfo newPos)
void prepareResizeClipEnd (AbstractClipItem *item, ItemInfo oldInfo, int pos, bool check=false, QUndoCommand *command=NULL)
 Takes care of updating effects and attached transitions during a resize from end.
void prepareResizeClipStart (AbstractClipItem *item, ItemInfo oldInfo, int pos, bool check=false, QUndoCommand *command=NULL)
 Takes care of updating effects and attached transitions during a resize from start.
void razorGroup (AbstractGroupItem *group, GenTime cutPos)
 Collects information about the group's children to pass it on to RazorGroupCommand.
void removeTipAnimation ()
 Removes the tip and stops the animation timer.
void resetSelectionGroup (bool selectItems=true)
void setTipAnimation (AbstractClipItem *clip, OPERATIONTYPE mode, const double size)
 Creates a new tip animation.
void updateClipTypeActions (ClipItem *clip)
void updatePanZoom (ClipItem *item, GenTime cutPos=GenTime())
void updatePositionEffects (ClipItem *item, ItemInfo info)

Private Attributes

KStatefulBrush m_activeTrackBrush
QGraphicsItemAnimation * m_animation
QTimeLine * m_animationTimer
bool m_autoScroll
QAction * m_autoTransition
bool m_blockRefresh
QPoint m_clickEvent
QPoint m_clickPoint
bool m_clipDrag
QActionGroup * m_clipTypeGroup
QUndoStack * m_commandStack
bool m_controlModifier
QList< AbstractClipItem * > m_copiedItems
QGraphicsLineItem * m_cursorLine
int m_cursorPos
QAction * m_deleteGuide
ItemInfo m_dragItemInfo
QAction * m_editGuide
int m_findIndex
QList< Guide * > m_guides
QMenu * m_markerMenu
QPoint m_menuPosition
QMutex m_mutex
OPERATIONTYPE m_operationMode
QAction * m_pasteEffectsAction
QWaitCondition m_producerNotReady
int m_projectDuration
QCursor m_razorCursor
int m_scrollOffset
QTimer m_scrollTimer
QList< CommentedTimem_searchPoints
int m_selectedTrack
ItemInfo m_selectionGroupInfo
QCursor m_spacerCursor
int m_spacerOffset
QTimer m_thumbsTimer
QMenu * m_timelineContextClipMenu
QMenu * m_timelineContextMenu
QMenu * m_timelineContextTransitionMenu
QColor m_tipColor
QPen m_tipPen
int m_tracksHeight
QAction * m_ungroupAction
QGraphicsItem * m_visualTip
QList< ClipItem * > m_waitingThumbs

Detailed Description

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