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GenTime Class Reference

#include <gentime.h>

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Detailed Description

Encapsulates a time, which can be set in various forms and outputted in various forms.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 29 of file gentime.h.

Public Member Functions

double frames (double framesPerSecond) const
 Gets the time in frames.
 GenTime (int frames, double framesPerSecond)
 Creates a GenTime object, by passing number of frames and how many frames per second.
 GenTime (double seconds)
 Creates a GenTime object, with time given in seconds.
 GenTime ()
 Creates a GenTime object, with a time of 0 seconds.
double ms () const
 Gets the time, in milliseconds.
bool operator!= (GenTime op) const
GenTime operator* (double op) const
 Multiplies one GenTime by a double value, returning a GenTime.
GenTime operator+ (GenTime op) const
 Adds two GenTimes.
GenTimeoperator+= (GenTime op)
GenTime operator- (GenTime op) const
 Subtracts one genTime from another.
GenTimeoperator-= (GenTime op)
GenTime operator/ (double op) const
 Divides one GenTime by a double value, returning a GenTime.
bool operator< (GenTime op) const
bool operator<= (GenTime op) const
bool operator== (GenTime op) const
bool operator> (GenTime op) const
bool operator>= (GenTime op) const
GenTimeroundNearestFrame (double framesPerSecond)
 Rounds the GenTime's value to the nearest frame.
double seconds () const
 Gets the time, in seconds.

Private Attributes

double m_time

Static Private Attributes

static double s_delta = 0.00001

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