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EffectsList Class Reference

#include <effectslist.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

List for effects objects.

Jason Wood
This is a list of DocClipBase objects, to be used instead of QList<DocClipBase> to enable sorting lists correctly. It also contains the ability to set a "master clip", which can be used by a number of operations where there is the need of one clip to act as a reference for what happens to all clips.

Definition at line 35 of file effectslist.h.

Public Member Functions

void append (QDomElement e)
const QDomElement at (int ix) const
void clearList ()
void clone (const EffectsList original)
int count () const
QStringList effectIdInfo (const int ix) const
 Lists the core properties of an effect.
QStringList effectNames ()
 Lists effects names.
QDomElement getEffectByName (const QString &name) const
 Returns the XML element of an effect.
QDomElement getEffectByTag (const QString &tag, const QString &id) const
QString getInfo (const QString &tag, const QString &id) const
QString getInfoFromIndex (const int ix) const
int hasEffect (const QString &tag, const QString &id) const
 Checks the existance of an effect.
void insert (int ix, QDomElement effect)
bool isEmpty () const
QDomElement item (int ix)
void removeAt (int ix)
void replace (int ix, QDomElement effect)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool hasKeyFrames (QDomElement effect)
static bool hasSimpleKeyFrames (QDomElement effect)
static QString parameter (QDomElement effect, const QString &name)
static QString property (QDomElement effect, const QString &name)
static void setParameter (QDomElement effect, const QString &name, const QString &value)
static void setProperty (QDomElement effect, const QString &name, const QString &value)

Private Attributes

QDomElement m_baseElement

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