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Transition Class Reference

#include <transition.h>

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Detailed Description

Describes a transition with a name, parameters, keyframes, etc.

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

Definition at line 39 of file transition.h.

Public Member Functions

int addKeyFrame (const GenTime pos, const double value)
bool belongsToClip (const ClipItem *clip) const
Transitionclone ()
void closeAnimation ()
virtual GenTime cropDuration () const
virtual GenTime cropStart () const
int defaultZValue () const
int editedKeyFramePos () const
double editedKeyFrameValue () const
virtual GenTime endPos () const
bool forcedTrack () const
virtual double fps () const
bool hasClip (const ClipItem *clip) const
bool hasGeometry ()
bool hasKeyFrames () const
ItemInfo info () const
bool invertedTransition () const
bool isAutomatic () const
bool isItemLocked () const
bool isValid () const
double keyFrameFactor () const
virtual GenTime maxDuration () const
OPERATIONTYPE operationMode (QPointF pos)
virtual void paint (QPainter *painter, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *option, QWidget *widget)
CustomTrackSceneprojectScene ()
const ClipItem * referencedClip () const
virtual void resizeEnd (int posx)
 Resizes the clip from the end.
virtual void resizeStart (int posx, bool hasSizeLimit=true)
 Resizes the clip from the start.
int selectedKeyFramePos () const
double selectedKeyFrameValue () const
void setAutomatic (bool automatic)
virtual void setCropStart (GenTime pos)
void setForcedTrack (bool force, int track)
void setItemLocked (bool locked)
virtual void setTrack (int track)
void setTransitionDirection (bool inv)
void setTransitionParameters (const QDomElement params)
void setTransitionTrack (int track)
virtual GenTime startPos () const
QDomElement toXML ()
 Returns an XML representation of this transition.
virtual int track () const
 Transition (const ItemInfo info, int transitiontrack, double fps, QDomElement params=QDomElement(), bool automaticTransition=false)
int transitionEndTrack () const
 Returns the track number of the transition in the playlist.
QStringList transitionInfo () const
QString transitionTag () const
virtual int type () const
virtual void updateFps (double fps)
void updateItem ()
void updateKeyFramePos (const GenTime pos, const double value)
 Move the selected keyframe (does not influence the effect, only the display in timeline).
void updateRectGeometry ()
void updateSelectedKeyFrame ()
void updateTransitionEndTrack (int newtrack)
 Links the transition to another track.

Protected Member Functions

void drawKeyFrames (QPainter *painter, QRectF exposedRect)
virtual QVariant itemChange (GraphicsItemChange change, const QVariant &value)
int mouseOverKeyFrames (QPointF pos, double maxOffset)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event)

Protected Attributes

int m_editedKeyframe
double m_fps
ItemInfo m_info
double m_keyframeDefault
double m_keyframeFactor
QMap< int, int > m_keyframes
GenTime m_maxDuration
int m_selectedKeyframe

Private Member Functions

TRANSITIONTYPE getTransitionForName (const QString &type)
 Returns the transition type for a given name.
QString getTransitionName (const TRANSITIONTYPE &type)
 Returns the display name for a transition type.

Private Attributes

bool m_automaticTransition
 True if the transition is attached to its clip.
bool m_forceTransitionTrack
QString m_name
QDomElement m_parameters
 Contains the transition parameters.
ClipItem * m_referenceClip
 The clip to which the transition is attached.
ClipItem * m_secondClip
 The second clip to which the transition is attached.
int m_transitionTrack

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