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Timecode Class Reference

#include <timecode.h>

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Detailed Description

Handles the conversion of a GenTime into a nicely formatted string, taking into account things such as drop frame if necessary. Handles multiple formats, such as HH:MM:SS:FF, HH:MM:SS:F, All Frames, All Seconds, etc.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 32 of file timecode.h.

Public Types

enum  Formats { HH_MM_SS_FF, HH_MM_SS_HH, Frames, Seconds }

Public Member Functions

bool df () const
Formats format () const
double fps () const
int getDisplayFrameCount (const QString duration, bool frameDisplay) const
QString getDisplayTimecode (const GenTime &time, bool frameDisplay) const
const QString getDisplayTimecodeFromFrames (int frames, bool frameDisplay) const
int getFrameCount (const QString duration) const
QString getTimecode (const GenTime &time) const
const QString getTimecodeFromFrames (int frames) const
QString reformatSeparators (QString duration) const
void setFormat (double framesPerSecond, bool dropFrame=false, Formats format=HH_MM_SS_FF)
 Timecode (Formats format=HH_MM_SS_FF, double framesPerSecond=25, bool dropFrame=false)
const QValidator * validator () const

Static Public Member Functions

static QString getEasyTimecode (const GenTime &time, const double &fps)
static QString getStringTimecode (int frames, const double &fps)

Private Member Functions

QString getTimecodeDropFrame (int frames) const
QString getTimecodeDropFrame (const GenTime &time) const
QString getTimecodeFrames (const GenTime &time) const
const QString getTimecodeHH_MM_SS_FF (int frames) const
const QString getTimecodeHH_MM_SS_FF (const GenTime &time) const
QString getTimecodeHH_MM_SS_HH (const GenTime &time) const
QString getTimecodeSeconds (const GenTime &time) const

Private Attributes

int m_displayedFramesPerSecond
bool m_dropFrame
Formats m_format
double m_realFps
QRegExpValidator * m_validator

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