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EffectStackView Class Reference

#include <effectstackview.h>

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Detailed Description

View part of the EffectStack.

Marco Gittler

Definition at line 34 of file effectstackview.h.

Public Slots

void slotClipItemSelected (ClipItem *c, int ix)
 Sets the clip whose effect list should be managed.
void slotItemDel ()
 Removes the selected effect.
void slotUpdateEffectParams (const QDomElement old, const QDomElement e)
 Emits updateClipEffect.


void changeEffectPosition (ClipItem *, int, int)
void changeEffectState (ClipItem *, int, bool)
void refreshEffectStack (ClipItem *)
void reloadEffects ()
void removeEffect (ClipItem *, QDomElement)
void seekTimeline (int)
void updateClipEffect (ClipItem *, QDomElement, QDomElement, int)
void updateClipRegion (ClipItem *, int, QString)

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
 Clears the list of effects and updates the buttons accordingly.
 EffectStackView (QWidget *parent=0)
void raiseWindow (QWidget *dock)
void setMenu (QMenu *menu)
 Sets the add effect button's menu to.
void updateProjectFormat (MltVideoProfile profile, Timecode t)
 Passes updates on.
void updateTimecodeFormat ()
 Tells the effect editor to update its timecode format.

Private Slots

void slotCheckAll (int state)
 Sets the check state of all effects according to.
void slotItemChanged (QListWidgetItem *item)
 Updates effect.
void slotItemDown ()
 Moves the selected effect downwards.
void slotItemSelectionChanged (bool update=true)
 Updates buttons and the editor according to selected effect.
void slotItemUp ()
 Moves the selected effect upwards.
void slotRegionChanged ()
 Define the region filter for current effect.
void slotResetEffect ()
 Resets the selected effect to its default values.
void slotSaveEffect ()
 Saves the selected effect's values to a custom effect.
void slotSeekTimeline (int pos)
 Emits seekTimeline with position = clipstart +.
void slotUpdateCheckAllButton ()
 Makes the check all checkbox represent the check state of the effects.

Private Member Functions

void setupListView (int ix)
 Sets the list of effects according to the clip's effect list.

Private Attributes

ClipItem * m_clipref
EffectStackEdit * m_effectedit
QMap< QString, EffectsList * > m_effectLists
Ui::EffectStack_UI m_ui

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