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CustomTrackScene Class Reference

#include <customtrackscene.h>

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Detailed Description

This class holds all properties that need to be used by clip items

Definition at line 35 of file customtrackscene.h.

Public Member Functions

 CustomTrackScene (KdenliveDoc *doc, QObject *parent=0)
double getSnapPointForPos (double pos, bool doSnap=true)
GenTime nextSnapPoint (GenTime pos) const
GenTime previousSnapPoint (GenTime pos) const
MltVideoProfile profile () const
QPointF scale () const
void setScale (double scale, double vscale)
void setSnapList (QList< GenTime > snaps)
int tracksCount () const

Private Attributes

KdenliveDoc * m_document
QPointF m_scale
QList< GenTimem_snapPoints

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