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TrackPanelClipMoveFunction Class Reference

#include <trackpanelclipmovefunction.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstract Base Class for track panel functionality decorators. This and it's derived classes allow different behaviours to be added to panels as required.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 42 of file trackpanelclipmovefunction.h.


void checkTransition (DocClipRef *)

Public Member Functions

virtual bool dragDropped (Gui::KTrackPanel *panel, QDropEvent *)
virtual bool dragEntered (Gui::KTrackPanel *panel, QDragEnterEvent *)
virtual bool dragLeft (Gui::KTrackPanel *, QDragLeaveEvent *)
virtual bool dragMoved (Gui::KTrackPanel *, QDragMoveEvent *)
virtual QCursor getMouseCursor (Gui::KTrackPanel *, QMouseEvent *event)
virtual bool mouseApplies (Gui::KTrackPanel *, QMouseEvent *event) const
virtual bool mouseDoubleClicked (Gui::KTrackPanel *panel, QMouseEvent *)
virtual bool mouseMoved (Gui::KTrackPanel *panel, QMouseEvent *event)
virtual bool mousePressed (Gui::KTrackPanel *panel, QMouseEvent *event)
virtual bool mouseReleased (Gui::KTrackPanel *, QMouseEvent *)
 TrackPanelClipMoveFunction (Gui::KdenliveApp *app, Gui::KTimeLine *timeline, KdenliveDoc *document)

Private Member Functions

void addClipsToTracks (DocClipRefList &clips, int track, GenTime value, bool selected)
KMacroCommand * createAddClipsCommand ()
void initiateDrag (DocClipRef *clipUnderMouse, GenTime mouseTime)
bool mouseApplies (const QPoint &pos) const
bool moveSelectedClips (int newTrack, GenTime start)
void setupSnapToGrid ()
int trackUnderPoint (const QPoint &pos)

Private Attributes

bool m_addingClips
GenTime m_clipOffset
DocClipRef * m_clipUnderMouse
KMacroCommand * m_deleteClipsCommand
bool m_dragging
DocClipRef * m_masterClip
DocClipRefList m_selection
SnapToGrid m_snapToGrid
bool m_startedClipMove

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