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DocClipRef * KdenliveDoc::selectedClip (  )  const

Returns a clip that is currently selected. Only one clip is returned! This function is intended for times when you need a "master" clip. but have no preferred choice.

Definition at line 442 of file kdenlivedoc.cpp.

References m_projectClip, and DocClipProject::selectedClip().

Referenced by TrackPanelKeyFrameFunction::mouseApplies(), TrackPanelSpacerFunction::mousePressed(), moveSelectedClips(), and Gui::KdenliveApp::slotRemoveSpace().

    DocClipRef *pResult = 0;

    if (m_projectClip) {
      pResult = m_projectClip->selectedClip();
    } else {
      kdError() <<
          "No selection in the project because m_projectClip is null!!!"
          << endl;

    return pResult;

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