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void Gui::KdenliveApp::slotExternalEditor (  )  [private, slot]

Open selected audio file in external editor

Definition at line 2548 of file kdenlive.cpp.

References m_projectList.

Referenced by initActions().

      DocClipRef *clip = m_projectList->currentClip();
      QString externalEditor;
      if (clip->clipType() == DocClipBase::AUDIO) {
            externalEditor = KdenliveSettings::externalaudioeditor().stripWhiteSpace();   
      else if (clip->clipType() == DocClipBase::IMAGE) {
            externalEditor = KdenliveSettings::externalimageeditor().stripWhiteSpace();   
      else return;
      // TODO: listen to process exit, then rebuild audio thumbnail
      if (externalEditor.isEmpty()) {
          KMessageBox::sorry(this, i18n("You didn't define any external editor for that kind of clip.\nPlease go to Kdenlive settings -> Misc to define it."));
      KProcess *p = new KProcess();
      delete p;

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