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void Gui::KdenliveApp::slotFileQuit (  )  [slot]

closes all open windows by calling close() on each memberList item until the list is empty, then quits the application. If queryClose() returns false because the user canceled the saveModified() dialog, the closing breaks.

Definition at line 2779 of file kdenlive.cpp.

References saveOptions(), and slotStatusMsg().

Referenced by initActions().

      // close the first window, the list makes the next one the first again.
      // This ensures that queryClose() is called on each window to ask for closing
      KMainWindow *w;
      if (memberList) {
          for (w = memberList->first(); w; w = memberList->next()) {
            // only close the window if the closeEvent is accepted. If the user presses Cancel on the saveModified() dialog,
            // the window and the application stay open.
            kdDebug() << "Closing" << w << endl;
            if (!w->close())
          kdDebug() << "Done" << endl;

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