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void Gui::KdenliveApp::populateClearSnapMarkers ( KMacroCommand *  macroCommand,
DocClipProject clip,
bool  selectedClips 
) [private]

Generates commands to clears all snap markers in clips directly referenced in the project clip. The commands are added to the macroCommand. selectedClips determines whether this uses selectedClips or unselectedClips

Definition at line 4185 of file kdenlive.cpp.

References DocTrackBase::firstClip(), getDocument(), DocClipProject::numTracks(), and DocClipProject::track().

Referenced by slotClearAllSnapMarkers(), and slotClearSnapMarkersFromSelected().

      // Hmmm, I wonder if this should scan *into* project clips?For the moment I will leave it as scanning only those cliprefs in the outermost
      // proejct clip - jmw, 16/12/2003

      for (uint track = 0; track < clip.numTracks(); ++track) {
          QPtrListIterator < DocClipRef >

          while (itt.current()) {
          QValueVector < CommentedTime > markers = itt.current()->commentedSnapMarkers();
            QValueVector < CommentedTime >::iterator markerItt = markers.begin();
            while (markerItt != markers.end()) {
                Command::KAddMarkerCommand * command =
                  new Command::KAddMarkerCommand(*getDocument(),
                  itt.current()->referencedClip()->getId(), (*markerItt).time(), (*markerItt).comment(), false);

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