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void Gui::KdenliveApp::initDocument ( int  vtracks,
int  atracks 
) [protected]

initializes the document object of the main window that is connected to the view in initView().

See also:

Definition at line 1252 of file kdenlive.cpp.

References documentModified(), m_doc, KdenliveDoc::newDocument(), renderManager(), and KRenderManager::resetRenderers().

Referenced by KdenliveApp(), and requestDocumentClose().

      if (m_doc) delete m_doc;
        m_doc = new KdenliveDoc(KdenliveSettings::defaultfps(), KdenliveSettings::defaultwidth(), KdenliveSettings::defaultheight(), this, this);
      m_doc->newDocument(vtracks, atracks);
      connect(m_doc, SIGNAL(modified(bool)), this, SLOT(documentModified(bool)));

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