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Gui::KMMTimeLine Class Reference

#include <kmmtimeline.h>

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Detailed Description

Implementation-specific derivation of KTimeLine. Includes correct drag/drop support, among other things.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 34 of file kmmtimeline.h.

Public Slots

void autoScroll ()
void clearGuides ()
void drawCurrentTrack (int track, int offset=0, GenTime start=GenTime(0), GenTime end=GenTime(0))
void drawPartialTrack (int track, GenTime start=GenTime(0), GenTime end=GenTime(0))
void drawPartialTrackViewBackBuffer (int start, int end, int startTrack=0, int endTrack=-1)
void drawTrackViewBackBuffer (int startTrack=0, int endTrack=-1)
void ensureCursorVisible ()
void gotoGuide (int ix)
GenTime guideTime (int ix)
void horizontalSlider (const GenTime &inpoint, const GenTime &outpoint)
void insertSilentGuide (int frame, QString comment)
void invalidateClipBuffer (DocClipRef *clip)
void resetProjectSize ()
void scrollTrackViewBackBuffer (int value)
void seek (const GenTime &time)
void setInpointTimeline (const GenTime &inpoint)
void setMidValueDiff ()
void setOutpointTimeline (const GenTime &outpoint)
void setTimeScale (double scale)
void slotActivateSlider (int slider)
void slotAddGuide ()
void slotDeleteGuide (double currentPos=0)
void slotEditGuide (double currentPos=0)
void slotHeaderRightButtonPressed ()
void slotScrollDown ()
void slotScrollLeft ()
void slotScrollRight ()
void slotScrollUp ()
void slotSetFramesPerSecond (double fps)
void slotSetProjectLength (const GenTime &size)
void slotSetVZone (QValueList< QPoint > zones)
void slotSliderMoved (int slider, int value)
double timeScale ()


void headerRightButtonPressed ()
void inpointPositionChanged (const GenTime &)
void lookingAtClip (DocClipRef *, const GenTime &)
void outpointPositionChanged (const GenTime &)
void rightButtonPressed ()
void rulerRightButtonPressed ()
void seekPositionChanged (const GenTime &)

Public Member Functions

void appendTrack (KTrackPanel *track)
void checkScrolling (const QPoint &pos)
void clearTrackList ()
void drawSelection (QPoint start, QPoint end)
const QString & editMode () const
void finishMultiSelection (QPoint start, QPoint end)
void fitToWidth (bool restore)
int getTimeScaleSliderText () const
void guidesFromXml (QDomElement doc)
GenTime inpointPosition () const
void insertTrack (int index, KTrackPanel *track)
 KMMTimeLine (QWidget *scrollToolWidget, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
int localSeekPosition () const
double mapLocalToValue (double coordinate) const
double mapValueToLocal (double value) const
GenTime midpointPosition () const
GenTime outpointPosition () const
void placeScrollBar (int pos)
void polish ()
GenTime projectLength () const
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *event)
void resizeTracks ()
int scrollBarPosition ()
uint scrollThreshold () const
uint scrollTimerDelay () const
GenTime seekPosition () const
int selectedTrack ()
void selectNextTrack ()
void selectPreviousTrack ()
void selectTrack (int ix)
void setEditMode (const QString &editMode)
void setMidValueDiff (const GenTime &time)
void setPanelWidth (int width)
void setSliderIndex (int index)
void setSnapToBorder (bool snapToBorder)
void setSnapToFrame (bool snapToFrame)
void setSnapToMarker (bool snapToMarker)
bool snapToBorders () const
bool snapToFrame () const
bool snapToMarkers () const
bool snapToSeekTime () const
void stopScrollTimer ()
QValueList< int > timelineGuides ()
QStringList timelineRulerComments ()
GenTime timeUnderMouse (double posX)
QPtrList< KTrackPanel > & trackList ()
KTrackViewtrackView ()
QDomDocument xmlGuides ()
void zoomTimeline (bool up)

Static Public Attributes

static uint snapTolerance = 10

Protected Member Functions

double framesPerSecond () const
QWidget * rulerToolWidget () const
int viewWidth () const

Private Attributes

int m_lastPosition
double m_lastZoom

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