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DocClipProject Class Reference

#include <docclipproject.h>

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Detailed Description

This "clip" consists of a number of tracks, clips, overlays, transitions and effects. It is basically capable of making multiple clips accessible as if they were a single clip. The "clipType()" of this clip depends entirely upon it's contents.

Definition at line 36 of file docclipproject.h.

Public Types

enum  CLIPTYPE {
  NONE = 0, AUDIO = 1, VIDEO = 2, AV = 3,

Public Slots

void addSnapMarker (const GenTime &time, QString comment)
QValueVector< CommentedTime > commentedSnapMarkers () const
QString deleteSnapMarker (const GenTime &time)
void editSnapMarker (const GenTime &time, QString comment)
GenTime findNextSnapMarker (const GenTime &currTime)
GenTime findPreviousSnapMarker (const GenTime &currTime)
void fixClipDuration (KURL url, GenTime length)
DocClipRef * getClipAt (int track, GenTime time)
uint getProjectThumbFrame () const
GenTime hasSnapMarkers (const GenTime &time)
QString markerComment (GenTime t)
int playlistNextVideoTrack (int ix) const
int playlistTrackNum (int ix) const
void setProjectThumbFrame (const uint &ix)
void setSnapMarkers (QValueVector< CommentedTime > markers)
QValueVector< GenTimesnapMarkers () const
void updateAudioThumbnail (QMap< int, QMap< int, QByteArray > > data)


void clipLayoutChanged ()
void clipReferenceChanged ()
void deletedClipTransition ()
void documentChanged (DocClipBase *)
void effectStackChanged (DocClipRef *)
void projectLengthChanged (const GenTime &length)
void signalClipSelected (DocClipRef *)
void signalOpenClip (DocClipRef *)
void trackListChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void addReference ()
bool canAddClipsToTracks (DocClipRefList &clips, int track, const GenTime &clipOffset) const
bool clipSelected (DocClipRef *clip)
const DocClipBase::CLIPTYPE & clipType () const
const QString & description () const
 DocClipProject (double framesPerSecond, int width, int height)
const GenTimeduration () const
virtual bool durationKnown () const
virtual uint fileSize () const
const KURL & fileURL () const
DocTrackBasefindTrack (DocClipRef *clip) const
virtual double framesPerSecond () const
QDomDocument generatePartialSceneList (GenTime start, GenTime end, int prodId) const
virtual QDomDocument generateSceneList (bool addProducers=true, bool rendering=false) const
void generateTracksFromXML (KdenliveDoc *doc, const QDomElement &e)
uint getId () const
virtual bool hasFileSize () const
int hasSelectedClips ()
virtual bool isDocClipAVFile () const
virtual bool isDocClipTextFile () const
virtual bool isDocClipVirtual () const
virtual bool isProjectClip () const
virtual bool matchesXML (const QDomElement &element) const
bool moveSelectedClips (GenTime startOffset, int trackOffset)
const QString & name () const
uint numReferences () const
uint numTracks () const
virtual void populateSceneTimes (QValueVector< GenTime > &toPopulate) const
DocClipRefList referencedClips (DocClipBase *clip)
virtual bool referencesClip (DocClipBase *clip) const
void removeReference ()
virtual void removeTmpFile () const
void requestProjectClose ()
virtual QDomDocument sceneToXML (const GenTime &startTime, const GenTime &endTime) const
DocClipRef * selectedClip ()
DocClipRefList selectedClipList ()
void setDescription (const QString &descripton)
void setFramesPerSecond (double fps)
void setId (const uint &newId)
void setName (const QString name)
void setThumbnail (const QPixmap &pixmap)
void slotAddTrack (DocTrackBase *track, int ix=-1)
void slotClipReferenceChanged ()
void slotDeleteTrack (int ix)
const QPixmap & thumbnail () const
virtual DocClipAVFiletoDocClipAVFile ()
virtual DocClipTextFiletoDocClipTextFile ()
virtual DocClipVirtualtoDocClipVirtual ()
virtual QDomDocument toXML () const
virtual QDomDocument toXML ()
DocTrackBasetrack (uint track)
int trackIndex (DocTrackBase *track)
const DocTrackBaseListtrackList () const
const int videoHeight ()
const int videoWidth ()

Static Public Member Functions

static DocClipBase * createClip (KdenliveDoc *doc, const QDomElement &element)
static DocClipProjectcreateClip (KdenliveDoc *doc, const QDomElement element)

Public Attributes

QMap< int, QMap< int,
QByteArray > > 
bool audioThumbCreated
QDomDocumentFragment producersList
KThumb * thumbCreator
QDomDocumentFragment virtualProducersList

Private Slots

void slotCheckProjectLength ()

Private Member Functions

void blockTrackSignals (bool block)
void connectTrack (DocTrackBase *track)
const DocTrackBasetrack (uint track) const

Private Attributes

double m_framesPerSecond
GenTime m_projectLength
DocTrackBaseList m_tracks
int m_videoheight
int m_videowidth

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