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DocClipAVFile * DocClipAVFile::createClip ( const QDomElement  element  )  [static]

Creates a clip from the passed QDomElement. This only pertains to those details specific to DocClipAVFile. This action should only occur via the clipManager.

Definition at line 241 of file docclipavfile.cpp.

      DocClipAVFile *file = 0;
      if(element.tagName() == "avfile") {
            KURL url(element.attribute("url"));
            if (KIO::NetAccess::exists(url, true, 0))
                  file = new DocClipAVFile(url);
      } else {
            kdWarning() << "DocClipAVFile::createClip failed to generate clip" << endl;

      return file;

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