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Effect Class Reference

#include <effect.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Describes an effect, with a name, parameters keyframes, etc.
Jason Wood

Definition at line 37 of file effect.h.

Public Member Functions

uint addInitialKeyFrames (int ix)
void addKeyFrame (const uint ix, double time, QStringList values)
uint addKeyFrame (const uint ix, double time, double value)
uint addKeyFrame (const uint ix, double time)
void addParameter (const QString &name)
Effectclone ()
 Effect (const EffectDesc &desc, const QString &id, const QString &id=NULL)
const EffectDesc & effectDescription () const
QMap< QString, QString > getParameters (DocClipRef *clip)
const QString & group () const
bool isEnabled ()
const QString & name () const
EffectParameter * parameter (const uint ix)
void setEnabled (bool isOn)
void setGroup (const QString &group)
void setTempFile (QString tmpFile)
QString tempFileName ()
QDomDocument toFullXML (const QString &effectName, bool group=false)
QDomDocument toXML ()

Static Public Member Functions

static EffectcreateEffect (const EffectDesc &desc, const QDomElement &effect)

Private Attributes

const EffectDesc & m_desc
bool m_enabled
QString m_group
QString m_id
QString m_paramFile
QPtrList< EffectParameter > m_paramList

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