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bool TrackPanelRazorFunction::mouseApplies ( Gui::KTrackPanel panel,
QMouseEvent *  event 
) const [virtual]

Returns true if the specified position should cause this function to activate, otherwise returns false.

Implements TrackPanelFunction.

Definition at line 39 of file trackpanelrazorfunction.cpp.

References Gui::KTrackPanel::documentTrackIndex(), KdenliveDoc::framesPerSecond(), DocTrackBase::getClipAt(), Gui::KTrackPanel::hasDocumentTrackIndex(), Gui::KTimeLine::mapLocalToValue(), and KdenliveDoc::track().

    DocClipRef *clip = 0;
    if (panel->hasDocumentTrackIndex()) {
      DocTrackBase *track =
      if (track) {
            GenTime mouseTime((int)(m_timeline->mapLocalToValue(event->x())),
              clip = track->getClipAt(mouseTime);
    return clip;

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