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KdenliveDoc Class Reference

#include <kdenlivedoc.h>

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Detailed Description

KdenliveDoc provides a document object for a document-view model.

The KdenliveDoc class provides a document object that can be used in conjunction with the classes KdenliveApp and KdenliveView to create a document-view model for standard KDE applications based on KApplication and KMainWindow. Thereby, the document object is created by the KdenliveApp instance and contains the document structure with the according methods for manipulation of the document data by KdenliveView objects. Also, KdenliveDoc contains the methods for serialization of the document data from and to files.

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Public Slots

void activateSceneListGeneration (bool active=false, bool enable=true)
void addSoundTrack (int ix=-1)
void addVideoTrack (int ix=-1)
Gui::KdenliveAppapplication ()
void emitCurrentClipPosition ()
void forceTimelineRefresh ()
void generateProducersList ()
QDomNode getProducerById (int id)
QString guidesStringList ()
void initSceneListGeneration ()
void refreshAudioThumbnails ()
void setShowAllMarkers (bool show)
bool showAllMarkers () const
void slotCheckCurrentTransition ()
void slotDeleteClipTransition ()
void slotDeleteTrack (int ix)
void slotResizeClipTransition (const QString &duration)
void slotSelectProjectItem (int id)
void slotSetMetadata (const QStringList list)
void slotUpdateClipThumbnails (DocClipBase *clip)
void slotUpdateMonitorPlaytime ()
void updateTracksThumbnails ()


void clipChanged (DocClipRef *file)
void clipListUpdated ()
void clipReferenceChanged ()
void currentClipPosition (int)
void documentChanged (DocClipBase *)
void documentLengthChanged (const GenTime &)
void effectStackChanged (DocClipRef *)
void modified (bool)
void nodeDeleted (DocumentBaseNode *)
void refreshCurrentClipTrack (int, int, GenTime, GenTime)
void selectProjectItem (int)
void signalClipSelected (DocClipRef *)
void signalOpenClip (DocClipRef *)
void timelineClipUpdated ()
void trackListChanged ()
void updateMonitorPlaytime ()

Public Member Functions

void addClipNode (const QString &parent, DocumentBaseNode *newNode)
bool backupModified () const
DocumentBaseNode * clipHierarch () const
ClipManagerclipManager ()
void closeDocument ()
EffectcreateEffect (const QDomElement &element) const
void deleteClipNodeById (const int &id)
void deleteContents ()
void deleteGroupNode (const QString &name)
EffectDesc * effectDescription (const QString &type) const
const EffectDescriptionListeffectDescriptions () const
void ensureCursorVisible ()
DocClipBase * findClipById (const int &id)
DocumentBaseNode * findClipNode (const QString &name) const
DocumentBaseNode * findClipNodeById (const int &id) const
DocTrackBasefindTrack (DocClipRef *clip) const
double framesPerSecond () const
const QString getEffectStringId (QString effectName) const
QValueVector< GenTimegetSnapTimes (bool includeClipEnds, bool includeSnapMarkers, bool includeUnSelectedClips, bool includeSelectedClips, bool includeGuides=true)
GenTime getTimecodePosition (const QString &, int limit=0)
int hasSelectedClips () const
void indirectlyModified ()
bool isModified () const
 KdenliveDoc (double fps, int width, int height, Gui::KdenliveApp *app, QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
DocClipRefList listSelected () const
QStringList metadata () const
bool moveSelectedClips (GenTime startOffset, int trackOffset)
bool newDocument (int videoTracks, int audioTracks)
uint numTracks () const
DocClipProjectprojectClip ()
const GenTimeprojectDuration () const
const QString & projectName () const
void redrawTimeLine ()
void redrawTimelineSection (int track, GenTime start, GenTime end)
DocClipRefList referencedClips (DocClipBase *clip) const
void removeView (Gui::KdenliveView *view)
KRender * renderer () const
DocClipRef * selectedClip () const
void setBackupModified (bool state)
void setDocumentState (bool state)
void setFramesPerSecond (double fps)
void setModified (bool state)
void setProjectClip (DocClipProject *projectClip)
void setProjectName (const QString &name)
void setURL (const KURL &url)
QPoint thumbSize ()
Timecode timeCode ()
GenTime toSnapTime (GenTime currTime, bool forward=true, bool includeSnapMarkers=true, bool includeGuides=true)
DocTrackBasetrack (int track) const
int trackIndex (DocTrackBase *track) const
const DocTrackBaseListtrackList () const
const KURL & URL () const
 ~KdenliveDoc ()

Private Slots

void fixClipDuration (DocClipBase *file)
void hasBeenModified (bool mod=true)
void slotClipChanged (DocClipBase *file)

Private Member Functions

void connectProjectClip ()
void refreshVirtualClips ()
void updateReferences ()

Private Attributes

bool m_backupModified
DocumentBaseNode * m_clipHierarch
ClipManager m_clipManager
QString m_doc_name
KURL m_doc_url
bool m_documentIsClean
QTimer * m_generateTimer
RangeList< GenTimem_invalidSceneTimes
QStringList m_metadata
bool m_modified
KURL m_projectFolder
KRender * m_render
bool m_sceneListGeneration
bool m_showAllMarkers
QPoint m_thumbSize
Timecode m_timecode

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