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void Gui::KTimeLine::slotSetProjectLength ( const GenTime size  )  [slot]

Set the length of the project

Calculates the size of the project, and sets up the timeline to accomodate it.

Definition at line 375 of file ktimeline.cpp.

References GenTime::frames(), m_framesPerSecond, and Gui::KScalableRuler::setRange().

Referenced by Gui::EffectParamDialog::generateLayout(), and Gui::KdenliveApp::initView().

      //int previous_duration = m_ruler->maxValue();
        int frames = (int) size.frames( m_framesPerSecond);
      m_scrollBar->setRange(0, (int) (frames * m_ruler->valueScale()) + m_scrollBar->width());
      m_ruler->setRange(0, frames);

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