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DocClipRefList Class Reference

#include <docclipreflist.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

An List for DocClipBase objects. Use this instead of QPtrList<DocClipBase> so as to sort lists correctly. Also contains the ability to set a "master clip", which can be used by a number of operations where the need for one clip to act as a reference for what happens to all clips is needed.
Jason Wood

Definition at line 30 of file docclipreflist.h.

Public Member Functions

void appendList (const DocClipRefList &list)
void clear ()
int compareItems (QPtrCollection::Item i1, QPtrCollection::Item i2)
 DocClipRefList (const DocClipRefList &list)
DocClipRef * masterClip () const
DocClipRefListoperator= (const DocClipRefList &list)
void setMasterClip (DocClipRef *clip)
QDomDocument toXML (const QString &name)

Private Attributes

DocClipRef * m_masterClip

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