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                          kdenlivedoc.h  -  description
    begin                : Fri Feb 15 01:46:16 GMT 2002
    copyright            : (C) 2002 by Jason Wood
    email                : jasonwood@blueyonder.co.uk

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *


#include <config.h>

#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include <qvaluelist.h>
#include <qmap.h>

#include <kurl.h>

#include "doctrackbaselist.h"
#include "docclipbaselist.h"
#include "effectdescriptionlist.h"
#include "krender.h"
#include "rangelist.h"
#include "clipmanager.h"
#include "definitions.h"
#include "timecode.h"

// forward declaration of the Kdenlive classes
namespace Gui {
    class KdenliveApp;
    class KdenliveView;
} class DocClipAVFile;
class DocClipProject;
class DocumentBaseNode;

/**   KdenliveDoc provides a document object for a document-view model.
  * The KdenliveDoc class provides a document object that can be used in conjunction with the classes
  * KdenliveApp and KdenliveView to create a document-view model for standard KDE applications based on
  * KApplication and KMainWindow. Thereby, the document object is created by the KdenliveApp instance and
  * contains the document structure with the according methods for manipulation of the document data by
  * KdenliveView objects. Also, KdenliveDoc contains the methods for serialization of the document data
  * from and to files.
  * @author Source Framework Automatically Generated by KDevelop, (c) The KDevelop Team.
  * @version KDevelop version 1.2 code generation

00062 class KdenliveDoc:public QObject {
  Q_OBJECT public:

      /** Constructor for the fileclass of the application */
          KdenliveDoc(double fps, int width, int height, Gui::KdenliveApp * app, QWidget * parent,
      const char *name = 0);

      /** Destructor for the fileclass of the application */

      /** removes a view from the list of currently connected views */
    void removeView(Gui::KdenliveView * view);

      /** returns if the document is modified or not. Use this to determine if your document needs
       *  saving by the user on closing. */

00078     bool isModified() const {
      return m_modified;
      /** deletes the document's contents */
    void deleteContents();
      /** initializes the document generally */
    bool newDocument(int videoTracks, int audioTracks);
      /** closes the acutal document */
    void closeDocument();
      /** returns the KURL of the document */
    const KURL & URL() const;
      /** Returns metadata value for this document */
    QStringList metadata() const;
      /** sets the URL of the document */
    void setURL(const KURL & url);

    const QString & projectName() const;
      /** sets the URL of the document */
    void setProjectName(const QString & name);

      /** Returns true if at least one clip in the project is selected. */
    int hasSelectedClips() const;

      /** Returns a clip that is currently selected. Only one clip is returned!
       * This function is intended for times when you need a "master" clip. but have no preferred
       * choice. */
    DocClipRef *selectedClip() const;

    // HACK - this method should not exist.
     ClipManager & clipManager() {
      return m_clipManager;
      /** Returns all clips that reference the specified clip. */
      DocClipRefList referencedClips(DocClipBase * clip) const;

    void setProjectClip(DocClipProject * projectClip);
    DocClipProject & projectClip() {
      return *m_projectClip;

      /** Returns the number of frames per second. */
    double framesPerSecond() const;
    uint numTracks() const;
      /** returns the Track which holds the given clip. If the clip does not
      exist within the document, returns 0; */
    DocTrackBase *findTrack(DocClipRef * clip) const;
      /** Returns the track with the given index, or returns NULL if it does not exist. */
    DocTrackBase *track(int track) const;
      /** Returns the index value for this track, or -1 on failure.*/
    int trackIndex(DocTrackBase * track) const;
      /** Sets the modified state of the document, if this has changed, emits modified(state) */
    void setModified(bool state);
      /** Sets the modified state of the document on loading, if files were relocated, state is false */
    void setDocumentState(bool state);
      /** Returns renderer associated with this document. */
    KRender *renderer() const;
    void redrawTimeLine();

      /** returns the duration of the project. */
    const GenTime & projectDuration() const;
      /** HACK - in some cases, we can modify the document without it knowing - we tell it here
       * for the moment, although really, this means we have access to things that either we should
       * only modify via an interface to the document, or that the things that we are modifying should
       * automatically tell the document. */
    void indirectlyModified();
      /** Moves the currectly selected clips by the offsets specified, or returns false if this
      is not possible. */
    bool moveSelectedClips(GenTime startOffset, int trackOffset);

      /** Return the document clip hierarch */
00148     DocumentBaseNode *clipHierarch() const {
      return m_clipHierarch;
      /** Return the document base node with the given name, or null if it does not exist. */
      DocumentBaseNode *findClipNode(const QString & name) const;

      /** Delete the named documentBaseNode */
    void deleteGroupNode(const QString & name);
    void deleteClipNodeById(const int & id);
    DocumentBaseNode *findClipNodeById(const int & id) const;
    DocClipBase * findClipById(const int & id);

      /** Add the given base node to the named parent */
    void addClipNode(const QString & parent, DocumentBaseNode * newNode);

    QValueVector < GenTime > getSnapTimes(bool includeClipEnds,
      bool includeSnapMarkers, bool includeUnSelectedClips, bool includeSelectedClips, bool includeGuides = true);

    GenTime toSnapTime(GenTime currTime, bool forward = true, bool includeSnapMarkers = true, bool includeGuides = true);

      /** Constructs a list of all clips that are currently selected. */
    DocClipRefList listSelected() const;

      /** Returns a list of all effect descriptions that are known to the document. */
    const EffectDescriptionList & effectDescriptions() const;

      /** Returns the effectDesc matching the type specified, or returns null if the description does not exist. */
    EffectDesc *effectDescription(const QString & type) const;

      /** Creates an effect from the given xml. */
    Effect *createEffect(const QDomElement & element) const;

      /** Return the list of tracks that make up this document. */
    const DocTrackBaseList & trackList() const;
      /** Return A time in GenTime format from a timecode string like 00:01:23:04 */
    GenTime getTimecodePosition(const QString &, int limit = 0);
    void ensureCursorVisible();
    Timecode timeCode();
    void setFramesPerSecond(double fps);
    void redrawTimelineSection(int track, GenTime start, GenTime end);
      /** Return string id for an effect based on it's i18n name (used for converting
      old project files */
    const QString getEffectStringId(QString effectName) const;
      /** Returns size for project thumbnails */
    QPoint thumbSize();

    bool backupModified() const;
    void setBackupModified(bool state);

      /** The base clip for this document. This must be a project clip, as it lists the tracks within
       * the project, etc. */
00202     DocClipProject * m_projectClip;
    Timecode m_timecode;
      /** Holds size for clip thumbnails in project tree */
00205     QPoint m_thumbSize;
      /** the modified flag of the current document */
00207     bool m_modified;
    KURL m_doc_url;
    QString m_doc_name;
      /** Holds project state on loading (if some files were relocated or not found) */
00211     bool m_documentIsClean;

    /** HACK HACK - generate scenelist if true, don't if false) */
00214     bool m_sceneListGeneration;

    bool m_showAllMarkers;

      /** Has the document changed since last backup copy */
00219     bool m_backupModified;

      /** The clip hierarchy for this project. Clips can be put into groups. */
00222     DocumentBaseNode *m_clipHierarch;

      /** This renderer is for multipurpose use, such as background rendering, and for
      getting the file properties of the various AVFiles. */
00226     KRender *m_render;
    /** Clip manager maintains the list of clips that exist in the document. */
00229     ClipManager m_clipManager;

    /** The range of times in the timeline that are currently out of date in the scene list.
       * This list is used to re-sync the scene list. */
00233     RangeList < GenTime > m_invalidSceneTimes;
      /** Application pointer. */
00235     Gui::KdenliveApp * m_app;

      /** Connects the various project clip signals/slots up to the document. This should be done whenever
      a new document project clip is created.*/
    void connectProjectClip();
    /** When loading a new project, update the project list clip's reference (how much time each clip is used in timeline*/
    void updateReferences();

    /** Regenerate virtual clips */
    void refreshVirtualClips();

    /** Folder where all temp files/previews will be stored*/
00247     KURL m_projectFolder;
    /** Holds metadata (author, title, comment, copyright, album, track, year) for this project */
00249     QStringList m_metadata;
    QTimer *m_generateTimer;

    public slots:
      /** Adds a sound track to the project */
    void addSoundTrack(int ix = -1);
      /** Adds an empty video track to the project */
    void addVideoTrack(int ix = -1);
    void slotDeleteTrack(int ix);
    void setShowAllMarkers(bool show);
    bool showAllMarkers() const;
      /** Set metadata value for this document */
    void slotSetMetadata(const QStringList list);
        /** Updates all clipthumbnails in the document */
    void updateTracksThumbnails();
    // HACK HACK - we need a way to prevent the document from spewing hundreds of scenelist
    // generation requests - this is it.
    void activateSceneListGeneration(bool active = false, bool enable = true);
    /** When a transition was deleted, disable the transition dialog in case its transition was deleted*/
    void slotDeleteClipTransition();
    void slotCheckCurrentTransition();
    void slotResizeClipTransition(const QString &duration);

    void slotUpdateClipThumbnails(DocClipBase *clip);
      /** Check that all audio thumbnails have been generated. */
    void refreshAudioThumbnails();
      /** Force timeline recreation */
    void forceTimelineRefresh();

      /** called to generate scenelist the first time a document is loaded */
    void initSceneListGeneration();

      /** return a string list of timeline guides to save them*/
    QString guidesStringList();

    void emitCurrentClipPosition();

    void slotUpdateMonitorPlaytime();

    Gui::KdenliveApp *application() {
    return m_app;
      /** Generates a list of all different clips in mlt's xml format*/
    void generateProducersList();
      /** Retreive a producer's westley definition by id */
    QDomNode getProducerById(int id);
    void slotSelectProjectItem(int id);

    private slots:            // Private slots
      /** Called when the document is modifed in some way. */
    void hasBeenModified(bool mod = true);
      /** Emitted when a particular clip has changed in someway. E.g, it has recieved it's duration. */
    void slotClipChanged(DocClipBase * file);
      /** Emitted when a particular clip has been modified. */
    void fixClipDuration(DocClipBase * file);

  signals:              // Signals
      /** This signal is emitted whenever tracks are added to or removed from the project. */
    void trackListChanged();
      /** This is signal is emitted whenever the avFileList changes, either through the addition
       * or removal of an AVFile, or when an AVFile changes. */
    void clipListUpdated();
    /** This is signal is emitted whenever a clip thumbnail has changed, so timeline needs to be updated*/
    void timelineClipUpdated();
    void refreshCurrentClipTrack(int, int, GenTime, GenTime);
      /** Emitted when the modified state of the document changes. */
    void modified(bool);
      /** Emitted when a particular clip has changed in someway. E.g, it has recieved it's duration. */
    void clipChanged(DocClipRef * file);
      /** Emitted when a particular clip has been deleted.*/
    void nodeDeleted(DocumentBaseNode *);
      /** Also emitted when the document has changed in some way, fires off the project clip with it */
    void documentChanged(DocClipBase *);
      /** Emitted when a clip was added /removed in timeline and reference number needs update*/
    void clipReferenceChanged();
      /** Emitted whenever a clip gets selected. */
    void signalClipSelected(DocClipRef *);
    void signalOpenClip(DocClipRef *);
      /** Emitted when the length of the document changes. */
    void documentLengthChanged(const GenTime &);
      /** Emitted when the effect stack of a clip changes. */
    void effectStackChanged(DocClipRef *);
      /** Emitted when an effect needs to know relative position in a clip. */
    void currentClipPosition(int);
    void selectProjectItem(int);

    void updateMonitorPlaytime();

#endif                        // KDENLIVEDOC_H

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