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                         kdenlive.h  -  description
   begin                : Fri Feb 15 01:46:16 GMT 2002
   copyright            : (C) 2002 by Jason Wood
   email                : jasonwood@blueyonder.co.uk

 *                                                                         *
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify  *
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by  *
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or     *
 *   (at your option) any later version.                                   *
 *                                                                         *

#ifndef KDENLIVE_H
#define KDENLIVE_H

#include <config.h>

// include files for KDE
#include <kapp.h>
#include <kdockwidget.h>
#include <kaccel.h>
#include <kaction.h>
#include <kurl.h>
#include <kprinter.h>

#include "gentime.h"
#include "monitormanager.h"
#include "projectformatmanager.h"
#include "kdenlivesettings.h"

#include "exportwidget.h"
#include "transitiondialog.h"
#include "transition.h"
#include "kdenlivesplash.h"
#include "initeffects.h"
#include "effectdescriptionlist.h"
#include "exportdvddialog.h"
#include "definitions.h"
#include "newstuff.h"

// forward declaration of the Kdenlive classes
class DocClipProject;
class KdenliveDoc;
class KCommandHistory;
class KCommand;
class KProgress;
class KRenderManager;
class KMacroCommand;
class AVFile;
class DocClipBase;
class DocClipRef;
class TrackPanelClipRollFunction;
class TrackPanelClipResizeFunction;
class TrackPanelClipMoveFunction;
class TrackPanelMarkerFunction;

class PositionChangeEvent : public QCustomEvent
        PositionChangeEvent( GenTime pos, int eventType )
    : QCustomEvent( eventType ), m_pos( pos ) {};
        GenTime position() const { return m_pos; };
        GenTime m_pos;

class ProgressEvent : public QCustomEvent
        ProgressEvent( int value, int eventType  )
    : QCustomEvent( eventType ), m_val( value ) {};
        int value() const { return m_val; };
        int m_val;

class UrlEvent : public QCustomEvent
        UrlEvent( KURL url, int eventType  )
    : QCustomEvent( eventType ), m_url( url ) {};
        KURL url() const { return m_url; };
        KURL m_url;

namespace Gui {

    class CaptureMonitor;
    class EffectListDialog;
    class EffectParamDialog;
    class EffectStackDialog;
    class KMMMonitor;
    class KMMTimeLine;
    class ProjectList;

  * The base class for Kdenlive application windows. It sets up the main
  * window and reads the config file as well as providing a menubar, toolbar
  * and statusbar. An instance of KdenliveView creates your center view, which is connected
  * to the window's Doc object.
  * KdenliveApp reimplements the methods that KMainWindow provides for main window handling and supports
  * full session management as well as using KActions.
  * @see KMainWindow
  * @see KApplication
  * @see KConfig
  * @author Source Framework Automatically Generated by KDevelop, (c) The KDevelop Team.
  * @version KDevelop version 1.2 code generation

00123     class KdenliveApp:public KDockMainWindow {
      Q_OBJECT public:
            /** construtor of KdenliveApp, calls all init functions to create the application.
      KdenliveApp(bool newDoc, QWidget * parent = 0, const char *name = 0);

            /** returns a pointer to the current document connected to the KTMainWindow instance and is used by
             * the View class to access the document object's methods
      KdenliveDoc *getDocument() const;
            /** Returns true if snapToFrame is enabled, false otherwise */
      bool snapToFrameEnabled() const;
            /** Returns true if snapToBorder is checked, false otherwise */
      bool snapToBorderEnabled() const;
            /** Returns true if snapToMarker is enabled, false otherwise */
      bool snapToMarkersEnabled() const;
            /** Adds a command to the command history, execute it if execute is true. */
      void addCommand(KCommand * command, bool execute = true);

            /** Returns the render manager. */
      KRenderManager *renderManager();

            /** If the document has been modified, asks the user if they want to save it. Returns true if we
             * can proceed. i.e., the document has been saved or discarded. */
      bool saveModified();
      int getTimeScaleSliderText() const;
      void setProjectFormat(QString profile);
        void ensureCursorVisible();
      int externalMonitor();
      QStringList videoProjectFormats();
      QString projectFormatName(QString profile);
      formatTemplate projectFormatParameters(QString profile);
      QString projectFormatFromName(QString formatName);
            /** Adjust document and timeline to current fps */
      void setFramesPerSecond();

            /** Retreive timeline ruler cursor time */
      GenTime cursorPosition() const;

            /** save general Options like all bar positions and status as well as the geometry and the recent file list to the configuration
             * file
      void saveOptions();
            /** read general Options again and initialize all variables like the recent file list
      void readOptions();
            /** initializes the KActions of the application */
      void initActions();
            /** sets up the statusbar for the main window by initialzing a statuslabel.
      void initStatusBar();
            /** initializes the document object of the main window that is connected to the view in initView().
             * @see initView();
      void initDocument(int vtracks, int atracks);
            /** Do some stuff required before attempting to close the current project
        void requestDocumentClose(KURL new_url = NULL);
            /** creates the centerwidget of the KTMainWindow instance and sets it as the view
      void initView();
      void initWidgets();

            /** queryClose is called by KTMainWindow on each closeEvent of a window. Against the
             * default implementation (only returns true), this calles saveModified() on the document object to ask if the document shall
             * be saved if Modified; on cancel the closeEvent is rejected.
             * @see KTMainWindow#queryClose
             * @see KTMainWindow#closeEvent
      virtual bool queryClose();
            /** queryExit is called by KTMainWindow when the last window of the application is going to be closed during the closeEvent().
             * Against the default implementation that just returns true, this calls saveOptions() to save the settings of the last window's
             * properties.
             * @see KTMainWindow#queryExit
             * @see KTMainWindow#closeEvent
      virtual bool queryExit();
            /** saves the window properties for each open window during session end to the session config file, including saving the currently
             * opened file by a temporary filename provided by KApplication.
             * @see KTMainWindow#saveProperties
      virtual void saveProperties(KConfig * _cfg);
            /** reads the session config file and restores the application's state including the last opened files and documents by reading the
             * temporary files saved by saveProperties()
             * @see KTMainWindow#readProperties
      virtual void readProperties(KConfig * _cfg);
        virtual void customEvent(QCustomEvent * e);

      public slots:
            /** Seek timeline ruler cursor to given time */
      void setCursorPosition(const GenTime);
            /** opens a file specified by commandline option
      void openDocumentFile(const KURL & url = 0);
            /** clears the document in the actual view to reuse it as the new document */
      void slotFileNew();
            /** open a file and load it into the document*/
      void slotFileOpen();
            /** save a document */
      void slotFileSave();
            /** save a document by a new filename*/
      void slotFileSaveAs(QString suggestedName = QString::null);
            /** asks for saving if the file is modified, then closes the actual file and window*/
      void slotFileClose();
            /** print the actual file */
      void slotFilePrint();
            /** closes all open windows by calling close() on each memberList item until the list is empty, then quits the application.
             * If queryClose() returns false because the user canceled the saveModified() dialog, the closing breaks.
      void slotFileQuit();
            /** put the marked text/object into the clipboard and remove
             *    it from the document
      void slotEditCut();
            /** put the marked text/object into the clipboard
      void slotEditCopy();
            /** paste the clipboard into the document
      void slotEditPaste();

      void slotPasteTransitions();
      void slotPasteEffects();

            /** Alerts the App to when the document has been modified. */
      void documentModified(bool modified);
            /** Called whenever snaptoframe action is toggled. */
      void slotTimelineSnapToFrame();
            /** Called whenever snapToBorder is toggled. */
      void slotTimelineSnapToBorder();
            /** Called whenever snapToMarker is toggled. */
      void slotTimelineSnapToMarker();
            /** Called when the spacer tool action is selected */
      void slotTimelineSpacerTool();
            /** Called when the razor tool action is selected */
      void slotTimelineRazorTool();
            /** Called when the move tool is selected */
      void slotTimelineMoveTool();
            /** Called when the marker tool is selected */
      void slotTimelineMarkerTool();
            /** Called when the roll tool is selected  -reh */
      void slotTimelineRollTool();
            /** Called when the select tool is selected  -reh */
      void slotTimelineSelectTool();

      void slotRenderDvd();
            /** Called when the user activates the "Configure Project" action */
      void slotConfigureProject();
            /** Called when the user activates the "Preferences" action */
      void slotOptionsPreferences();
            /** Update kdenlive to reflect preference changes */
      void updateConfiguration();
            /** Cleans the project of unused clips */
      void slotProjectClean();
            /** Fix broken paths in playlist clips */
      void slotFixPlaylists();
            /** Remove clips from the project */
      void slotProjectDeleteClips(bool confirm = true);
      void slotProjectDeleteClips(QStringList list);
            /** Add clips to the project */
      void slotProjectAddClips(KURL::List urlList = KURL::List(), bool silent = false);
      void slotProjectAddColorClip();
      void slotProjectAddImageClip(KURL imageUrl = NULL, bool silent = false);
      void slotProjectAddSlideshowClip();
      void slotProjectAddTextClip();
      void slotProjectDuplicateTextClip();
      void slotProjectAddFolder(QString message = QString());
      void slotProjectRenameFolder(QString message = QString());
      void slotProjectDeleteFolder();

      void slotProjectEditClip();
        void slotProjectEditParentClip();
      void slotSetClipDuration();
      void slotProjectDeleteClipMarkers();
            /** Toggle between play/stop in the active monitor */
      void slotPlay();
      void slotStop();
            /** Toggle between play/stop in the active monitor */
      void slotTogglePlaySelected();
            /** Move the active monitor forward one frame */
      void slotNextFrame();
            /** Move the active monitor backwards one frame */
      void slotLastFrame();
            /** Play forwards (fast) */
        void slotToggleForwards();
            /** Play backwards (fast) */
        void slotToggleBackwards();
            /** Loop selected zone */
      void slotLoopPlay();
      /** Move the active monitor next snap point */
      void slotNextSnap();
      /** Move the active monitor previous snap point */
      void slotPreviousSnap();
        /** Move the active monitor forward one second */
        void slotNextSecond();
        /** Move the active monitor backwards one second */
        void slotLastSecond();
        /** Move the active monitor to selected time */
      void slotSeekTo(GenTime time);
      /** Move to start / end of project */
      void slotGotoStart();
      void slotGotoEnd();
            /** Set the inpoint of the active monitor to the current seek position */
      void slotSetInpoint();
            /** Set the outpoint of the active monitor to the current seek position */
      void slotSetOutpoint();
            /** Remove empty space between 2 clips */
      void slotRemoveSpace();
            /** Delete the selected clips */
      void slotDeleteSelected();
            /** Sets the clip monitor source to be the given clip. */
      void slotSetClipMonitorSource(DocClipRef * clip);
      void slotSetClipMonitorSource(QDomDocument playlist, GenTime duration);
        void slotSetClipMonitorSourceAndSeek(DocClipRef * clip);
            /** SLots to Save/Load the current dockwidget layout to/from the layout number specified. */
      void slotSetRenderProgress(const GenTime &);
      void slotSetRenderFinished();

            /** Called when fitToWidth is actioned */
      void slotFitToWidth();
      void slotZoomIn();
      void slotZoomOut();
                /** Called when user wants to go back to last zoom after fitToWidth was actioned */
        void slotRestoreZoom();

            /** Given a drop event, inserts all contained clips into the project list, if they are not
             * there already. */
      void slot_insertClips(QDropEvent * event, QListViewItem * parent);
            /** Move clips inside the project list view */
        void slot_moveClips(QDropEvent * event, QListViewItem * parent);

            /** Toggles a snap marker on/off in the currently active monitor */
      void slotToggleSnapMarker();

            /** Clear all snap markers from all clips */
      void slotClearAllSnapMarkers();

            /** Clear all snap markers from those clips currently selected on the timeline */
      void slotClearSnapMarkersFromSelected();

      void loadLayout1();
      void loadLayout2();
      void loadLayout3();
      void loadLayout4();
      void saveLayout1();
      void saveLayout2();
      void saveLayout3();
      void saveLayout4();
            /** Makes sure that the clip monitor is activated. This means that the clip monitor should
             have focus, and if enabled, that the clip monitor should have the xv view. */
      void activateClipMonitor();
            /** Makes sure that the workspace monitor is activated. This means that the clip monitor should
             have focus, and if enabled, that the clip monitor should have the xv view. */
      void activateWorkspaceMonitor();
      void activateCaptureMonitor();

      void activateMonitor(KMonitor * monitor);
            /** Selects a clip into the clip monitor and seeks to the given time. */
      void slotLookAtClip(DocClipRef * clip, const GenTime & time);

            /** Configure keys */
      void slotConfKeys();
      void slotConfNotifications();
            /** Configure the toolbar */
      void slotConfToolbars();

            /** Displays the context menu for the timeline */
      void slotDisplayTimeLineContextMenu();
      void slotDisplayTrackHeaderContextMenu();
      void slotDisplayRulerContextMenu();

            /** Syncrhonise the display of the timeline with that of the document. */
      void slotSyncTimeLineWithDocument();

            /** Razor all clips at the current seek position. */
      void slotRazorAllClips();

            /** Razor selected clips at the specified location */
      void slotRazorSelectedClips();
        /** Returns the transition parameters widget */
00407       TransitionDialog *transitionPanel(){
            return m_transitionPanel;

      void slotEditTransition(Transition *transition);
      void slotCheckTransitionDuration(Transition *transition);
      void slotCheckTransition(DocClipRef *clip);
        void clipReferenceChanged();

      /** Returns the timeline's in point */
      GenTime inpointPosition() const;
      void setInpointPosition(const GenTime out);
      /** Returns the timeline's out point */
      GenTime outpointPosition() const;
      void setOutpointPosition(const GenTime out);
      void focusTimelineWidget();

      /** Returns the effect list. */
      const EffectDescriptionList & effectList() const;

        QValueList <int> timelineGuides() const;
      QString timelineGuidesComments() const;
      void insertGuides(QString guides, QString comments);
        void refreshClipTrack(DocClipRef * clip);
      QDomDocument xmlGuides();
      void guidesFromXml(QDomElement doc);
      QString projectVideoFormat();
      void refreshVirtualZone();
      void insertClipFromUrl(QString path);
      void toggleMarkerUnderCursor();
      void slotShowAllMarkers();
        void slotOnScreenDisplay();
        void slotMultiTrackView();
      void slotAdjustPreviewQuality();
      void refreshEffects();

      private slots: 
      void initMonitors();
      void slotPrint();
      void doPrint(KPrinter *printer);
      void slotGetNewLuma();
      void slotSetDocumentMetadata(const QStringList list);
        void slotToggleClipMonitor();
      void slotToggleWorkspaceMonitor();
      void slotToggleCaptureMonitor();
      void slotToggleEffectList();
      void slotToggleEffectStack();
      void slotToggleProjectList();
        void slotToggleTransitions();
      void slotUpdateLayoutState();
      void slotHideTimelineMenu();
      void slotFocusClipMonitor();
      void slotFocusWorkspaceMonitor();
      void slotFocusCaptureMonitor();
      void slotFocusEffectList();
      void slotFocusEffectStack();
      void slotFocusProjectList();
        void slotFocusTransitions();
      void slotResetTimelineMenuPosition();
            /** Called when the user activates the "Export Timeline" action */
      void slotRenderExportTimeline();

      /** changes the statusbar contents for the standard label permanently, used to indicate current actions.
       * @param text the text that is displayed in the statusbar
      void slotStatusMsg(const QString & text = QString::null);
      void slotTemporaryStatusMsg(const QString & text = QString::null);

      void slotDeleteTrack();
      void slotAddTrack();
      void slotDeleteGuide();
      void slotAddGuide();
      void slotEditGuide();

      void slotProjectListView();
      void slotProjectIconView();

      void slotAutoSave();
        void slotSplitAudio();
      void slotExtractAudio();
      void slotProjectExtractAudio();
      void slotProjectImportCue();
      void slotExtractClipAudio(DocClipRef *clip);
      void forceTimelineRefresh();
      //void forceDiskTimelineRefresh();

        /** Add a transition between the 2 selected clips */
        void slotAddTransition(int ix = 0);
        /** Delete the selected clip's transition */
        void slotDeleteTransition();
        void slotEditCurrentTransition();
        void slotSplashTimeout();
        void slotExportCurrentFrame();
      void slotViewSelectedClip();

      void openSelectedFile();
      void slotSelectPreviousTrack();
      void slotSelectNextTrack();
      void slotResizeClipStart();
      void slotResizeClipEnd();
      void slotMoveClipToCurrentTime();
      void slotMoveClipUp();
      void slotMoveClipDown();
      void slotStopExport();

      bool slotNewProject(QString *newProjectName, KURL *fileUrl, int *videoTracks, int *audioTracks, bool byPass = false, bool exitMode = false);
      void selectClipUnderCursor();
      void slotAddAudioEffect(int ix);
      void slotAddVideoEffect(int ix);
      void slotAddEffect(const QString & effectName, const QString &groupName = QString::null);
        void slotRemoveEffect(int ix);

      /** Save the selected zone as Westley playlist */
      void slotSaveZone();
      void slotSaveSubClip();
      void slotExplodePlaylist();

      /** Create a virtual clip */
      void slotVirtualZone();

      /** Seek to virtual clip zone */
      void slotShowVirtualZone();

      /** Open selected audio file in external editor */
      void slotExternalEditor();

      void slotFullScreen();
      void slotAddFileToProject(const QString &url);
      void slotRenderZone();
        void slotRenderAudioZone();
      void addMarkerUnderCursor();
      void deleteMarkerUnderCursor();
        void editMarkerUnderCursor();
      void deleteClipMarkers(DocClipRef *clip);
      /** Hide / show effects in timeline */
      void slotDisableEffects();
      /** Hide / show transitions in timeline */
      void slotDisableTransitions();
      void slotDisableThumbnails();
      void slotDisableAudioThumbnails();
      /** Define thumbnail for current clip */
      void slotDefineClipThumb();
      void slotMergeProject();
      void crashPrevent();

            /** the configuration object of the application */
00557        KConfig * config;
            /** The "view" is the base widget for the entire application. */
00559       QWidget *view;

      /** Used to calculate rendering time */
00562       time_t m_renderStartTime;

      /** Holds a list of all available effects. */
00565       EffectDescriptionList m_effectList;

      /** Timer used to save file for crash recovery */
00568       QTimer *m_crashTimer;

      /** Path for the recovery file */
00571       QString m_recoveryFile;

      // KAction pointers to enable/disable actions
      KAction *fileNew;
      KAction *fileOpen;
      KRecentFilesAction *fileOpenRecent;
      KAction *fileSave;
      KAction *fileSaveAs;
      //    KAction* fileClose;

      KAction *fileQuit;
      KAction *editCut;
      KAction *editCopy;
      KAction *editPaste;
      KAction *fullScreen;
      KAction *optionsPreferences;
      KAction *projectAddClips;
      KAction *projectAddColorClip;
      KAction *projectAddImageClip;
      KAction *projectAddTextClip;
      KAction *projectDeleteClips;
      KAction *projectClean;
      KAction *projectFixPlaylist;
      KAction *projectClipProperties;
      KAction *configureToolbars;
      KAction *fitToWidth;

      KAction *actionTogglePlay;
      KAction *actionStopPlay;
      KAction *actionTogglePlaySelected;
      KAction *actionNextFrame;
      KAction *actionLastFrame;
        KAction *actionNextSecond;
        KAction *actionLastSecond;
        KAction *actionSetInpoint;
      KAction *actionSetOutpoint;
      KAction *actionDeleteSelected;
      KAction *actionToggleSnapMarker;
      KAction *actionClearAllSnapMarkers;
      KAction *actionClearSnapMarkersFromSelected;

      KAction *actionLoadLayout1;
      KAction *actionLoadLayout2;
      KAction *actionLoadLayout3;
      KAction *actionLoadLayout4;
      KAction *actionSaveLayout1;
      KAction *actionSaveLayout2;
      KAction *actionSaveLayout3;
      KAction *actionSaveLayout4;

      KRadioAction *timelineMoveTool;
      KRadioAction *timelineRazorTool;
      KRadioAction *timelineSpacerTool;
      KRadioAction *timelineMarkerTool;
      KRadioAction *timelineRollTool;
      KRadioAction *timelineSelectTool;

      KToggleAction *timelineSnapToFrame;
      KToggleAction *timelineSnapToBorder;
      KToggleAction *timelineSnapToMarker;
      KToggleAction *clipAutoSelect;
      KToggleAction *showAllMarkers;
      KToggleAction *onScreenDisplay;
      KToggleAction *multiTrackView;
      KToggleAction *previewLowQuality;
      KToggleAction *previewMidQuality;
      KToggleAction *previewBestQuality;
        KToggleAction *showClipMonitor;
        KToggleAction *showWorkspaceMonitor;
        KToggleAction *showCaptureMonitor;
        KToggleAction *showTransitions;
        KToggleAction *showEffectList;
        KToggleAction *showEffectStack;
        KToggleAction *showProjectList;

      KAction *timelineRazorAllClips;
      KAction *timelineRazorSelectedClips;

      KAction *actionPasteEffects;
      KAction *actionPasteTransitions;

      KAction *renderExportTimeline;
      KAction *configureProject;
      KPushButton *thumbsButton;
      KPushButton *audioThumbsButton;
        KdenliveSplash *splash;
      QMap<QString, formatTemplate> m_projectTemplates;

            /** The progress widget on the status bar, used by various long-winded methods. */
00661       KProgress *m_statusBarProgress;
      KProgress *m_statusBarExportProgress;
      KPushButton *m_stopExportButton;

            /** Holds the undo/redo command history */
00666       KCommandHistory *m_commandHistory;

      // KDockWidgets for the docking interface to work correctly.
      KDockWidget *m_dockClipMonitor;
      KDockWidget *m_dockWorkspaceMonitor;
      KDockWidget *m_dockCaptureMonitor;

      /** The monitor manager that manages the life of the various monitors.*/
00674       MonitorManager m_monitorManager;
      KMMMonitor *m_workspaceMonitor;
      KMMMonitor *m_clipMonitor;
      CaptureMonitor *m_captureMonitor;
        exportWidget *m_exportWidget;
      KRenderManager *m_renderManager;
            /** doc represents your actual document and is created only once. It keeps
             * information such as filename and does the serialization of your files.
00683       KdenliveDoc *m_doc;

      /** Url to open after Kdenlive is initialised*/
00686       KURL m_selectedFile;
      DocClipRef *m_copiedClip;
      /** Application view setup */
00689       ProjectList *m_projectList;

      EffectStackDialog *m_effectStackDialog;
      EffectListDialog *m_effectListDialog;
      KTextEdit *m_debugDialog;
      //EffectParamDialog *m_effectParamDialog;
      KDockWidget *clipWidget;
      KDockWidget *m_timelineWidget;

      /** name of MLT profile for the project*/
00699       QString m_projectFormat;

      QPopupMenu *m_timelinePopupMenu;
      QPopupMenu *m_rulerPopupMenu;
      QPopupMenu *videoEffectsMenu;
      QPopupMenu *audioEffectsMenu;
      QPopupMenu *removeEffectsMenu;
      QPopupMenu *transitionsMenu;
      QPopupMenu *transitionsMenu2;

      ExportDvdDialog *m_exportDvd;
      TransitionDialog *m_transitionPanel;
      TrackPanelClipResizeFunction *m_resizeFunction;
      TrackPanelClipMoveFunction *m_moveFunction;
      TrackPanelClipRollFunction *m_rollFunction;
      TrackPanelMarkerFunction *m_markerFunction;

      /** Stores a copy of the last file dialog path used by kdenlive. */
00717       KURL m_fileDialogPath;
      KMMTimeLine *m_timeline;
        /** Stores the context menu position */
00721         QPoint m_menuPosition;

      KDockWidget *m_dockEffectList;
      KDockWidget *m_dockProjectList;
      KDockWidget *m_dockDebug;
      KDockWidget *m_dockEffectStack;
      KDockWidget *m_dockTransition;
        newLumaStuff *m_newLumaDialog;

      QTimer *m_autoSaveTimer;
      QTimer *m_statusBarTimer;

      ProjectFormatManager m_projectFormatManager;

            /** Generates commands to clears all snap markers in clips directly referenced in the project clip. The commands are added to
            // the macroCommand. selectedClips determines whether this uses selectedClips or unselectedClips */
      void populateClearSnapMarkers(KMacroCommand * macroCommand, DocClipProject & clip, bool selectedClips);
      void connectMonitors();
      int m_externalMonitor;
      void createExternalMonitor();
      void switchProjectToFormat(QString newFormat);
      QPoint mousePosition();
      void parseProfiles();
            /** Create the export widget dialog */
      void initRenderExport(bool reset = true);

}                       // namespace Gui
#endif                        // KDENLIVE_H

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