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KRulerSliderBase Class Reference

#include <krulersliderbase.h>

Inherited by Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderBottomMark, Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderDiamond, Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderEndMark, Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderHorizontalMark, Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderStartMark, and Gui::KRulerPrivateSliderTopMark.

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Detailed Description

This is the base class for all kruler sliders. A "slider" is any marker which appears on the kruler. Each slider has a number of properties, including value and current state.

The KRulerSliderBase class is NOT a QWidget. It contains a number of virtual functions for drawing, detecting when the mouse is within the slider, and for suggesting the bounding box for the slider.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 30 of file krulersliderbase.h.

Public Member Functions

void decrementRef ()
virtual void drawHorizontalSlider (QPainter &painter, const int x, const int height)=0
void incrementRef ()
virtual int leftBound (int x, int height)=0
KRulerSliderBasenewInstance ()
virtual int rightBound (int x, int height)=0
virtual bool underMouse (const int x, const int y, const int midx, const int height) const =0

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_ref

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