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Gui::KTrackPanel Class Reference

#include <ktrackpanel.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gui::KTrackPanel:

Gui::KMMTrackPanel Gui::KMMClipKeyFramePanel Gui::KMMTrackKeyFramePanel Gui::KMMTrackSoundPanel

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Detailed Description

Abstract baseclass for track panels. Provides the interface that a track panel must implement. A KTrackPanel controls a track on the timline. It provides the track dialog that appears to the left of the track, and implements the display and functionality that occurs on the track itself.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 40 of file ktrackpanel.h.

Public Slots

bool isTrackCollapsed ()
TRACKTYPE trackType ()

Public Member Functions

QStringList applicableFunctions (const QString &mode)
virtual int documentTrackIndex () const
virtual void drawToBackBuffer (QPainter &painter, QRect &rect)
virtual bool hasDocumentTrackIndex () const
 KTrackPanel (KTimeLine *timeline, KPlacer *placer, TRACKTYPE trackType, QWidget *parent, const char *name)
virtual void setSelected (bool isSelected)=0

Public Attributes

bool trackIsCollapsed

Protected Member Functions

void addFunctionDecorator (const QString &mode, const QString &function)
void addViewDecorator (TrackViewDecorator *view)
void clearViewDecorators ()
KTimeLinetimeline ()

Private Attributes

QMap< QString, QStringList > m_trackPanelFunctions
TRACKTYPE m_trackType
QPtrList< TrackViewDecoratorm_trackViewDecorators

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