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Gui::TrackViewMarkerDecorator Class Reference

#include <trackviewmarkerdecorator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Gui::TrackViewMarkerDecorator:

Gui::DocTrackDecorator Gui::TrackViewDecorator

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A TrackViewDecorator that displays snap markers on a clip.

Jason Wood

Definition at line 32 of file trackviewmarkerdecorator.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void paintClip (double startX, double endX, QPainter &painter, DocClipRef *clip, QRect &rect, bool selected)
 TrackViewMarkerDecorator (KTimeLine *timeline, KdenliveDoc *doc, QWidget *parent)

Protected Member Functions

KdenliveDocdocument ()
KTimeLinetimeline ()

Private Attributes

QPixmap m_markerDownPixmap
QPixmap m_markerUpPixmap
QWidget * m_parent

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