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DocTrackBase Class Reference

#include <doctrackbase.h>

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DocTrackSound DocTrackVideo

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Detailed Description

DocTrackBase is a base class for all real track entries into the database. It provides core functionality that all tracks must possess.
Jason Wood

Definition at line 37 of file doctrackbase.h.

Public Slots

void refreshLayout ()


void clipLayoutChanged (int)
void clipSelectionChanged ()
void effectStackChanged (DocClipRef *)
void redrawSection (int, GenTime, GenTime)
void signalClipSelected (DocClipRef *)
void signalOpenClip (DocClipRef *)
void trackLengthChanged (const GenTime &)

Public Member Functions

bool addClip (DocClipRef *clip, bool selected)
void addClips (DocClipRefList list, bool selected)
void addEffectToClip (const GenTime &position, int effectIndex, Effect *effect)
void blind (bool blinded)
virtual bool canAddClip (DocClipRef *clip) const =0
bool canAddClips (DocClipRefList clipList)
void checkTrackLength ()
bool clipExists (DocClipRef *clip)
void clipMoved (DocClipRef *clip)
bool clipSelected (DocClipRef *clip) const
virtual const QString & clipType () const =0
void deleteClips (bool selected)
void deleteEffectFromClip (const GenTime &position, int effectIndex)
 DocTrackBase (DocClipProject *project)
QPtrListIterator< DocClipRef > endClip (GenTime startValue, GenTime endValue, bool selected)
QPtrListIterator< DocClipRef > firstClip (bool selected) const
QPtrListIterator< DocClipRef > firstClip (GenTime startValue, GenTime endValue, bool selected)
double framesPerSecond () const
DocClipRef * getClipAt (const GenTime &value) const
int hasSelectedClips ()
bool isBlind ()
bool isMute ()
bool loadClip (DocClipRef *clip)
bool matchesXML (const QDomElement &element) const
void moveClips (GenTime offset, bool selected)
void mute (bool muted)
void notifyClipChanged (DocClipRef *clip)
void notifyTrackChanged (DocClipRef *clip)
unsigned int numClips () const
bool openClip (DocClipRef *clip)
DocClipProjectprojectClip ()
DocClipRefList referencedClips (DocClipBase *clip) const
bool referencesClip (DocClipBase *clip) const
bool removeClip (DocClipRef *clip)
DocClipRefList removeClips (bool selected)
void resizeClipTrackEnd (DocClipRef *clip, GenTime newStart)
void resizeClipTrackStart (DocClipRef *clip, GenTime newStart)
bool selectClip (DocClipRef *clip, bool selected)
DocClipRefList selectedClips ()
GenTime spaceLength (const GenTime &value) const
QDomDocument toXML ()
void trackIndexChanged (int index)
const GenTimetrackLength () const

Static Public Member Functions

static DocTrackBasecreateTrack (KdenliveDoc *doc, DocClipProject *project, QDomElement elem)

Protected Attributes

DocClipRefList m_selectedClipList
DocClipRefList m_unselectedClipList

Private Member Functions

void enableClipSorting (bool enabled)
void enableCollisionDetection (bool enable)

Private Attributes

bool m_blind
int m_collisionDetectionEnabled
bool m_mute
int m_sortingEnabled
GenTime m_trackLength

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